Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Email to county staff from Jack Osterholt Deputy Mayor - Director, Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources. By Geniusofdespair

It is my pleasure to introduce two new members to the RER Team:  Inson Kim and Leland Salomon.

Inson Kim, currently the Mayor’s Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs, will be joining RER as the Director of Intergovernmental and External Affairs.  Inson will report directly to me, and she will be responsible for overseeing all RER legislative and intergovernmental activities, and to develop and implement a coordinated communications strategy.  Inson has an outstanding track record in all of these arenas and I look forward to her starting with us on Monday, November 10, 2014, in this new capacity.

In addition, Leland Salomon, currently an Assistant Director for ISD, will assume the role of Deputy Director of Economic Development beginning November 17, 2014. Leland will be responsible for identifying and implementing sustainable economic growth strategies, serve as the Mayor’s representative on the Beacon Council, and maintain active engagement with other County economic development initiatives. Leland’s experience with land and economic development opportunities will ensure the successful continuation and expansion of activities initiated under the prior incumbent, Josh Gelfman.

Inson Kim was on the Mayor's Staff since he was a County Commissioner. The only photo I could find of her was of her talking to Jose Luis Lopez. Leland Salomon was from the GSA Real Estate Development Division.

Why did Gimenez let Inson Kim go? Was it so she can watch over the over-bearing Osterholt and eventually take over?


Anonymous said...

Jack Osterholt is one of the biggest problems at the County. The fact Gimenez does not fire him speaks volumes about Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

Yup he is one of the biggest problems. Ison is way too smart for him.

Anonymous said...

Osterholdt is just inflating his FRS retirement, getting his HIGH FIVE earning years while pretending to work for Gimenez. Rather than enduring the embarrassment of working for Gimenez, he should check out and pay more attention to his health. The man can't even stay awake in Commission meetings while he is on TV.

Anonymous said...

Osterholt and his health problems might not make it to "retirement". In the meantime, he continues to hate citizens.

Anonymous said...

People disagree, I get that. You may not like the mayor and his folks, I understand that too but why make it personal all the time? State specifically why you don't like Osterholt. Stick to the facts and people will take your arguments much more seriously. this is meant for the comments not the post.