Friday, November 07, 2014

Dennis Olle: On My Very Short "Most Admired Floridian List". By Geniusofdespair

Dennis Olle
There are a few clubs that didn't want me, one was the Tropical Audubon Society Board. I don't blame them. I have been thrown off a few Boards. I was on the Friends of the Everglades Board 3 times (thrown off twice!) for asking too many questions and let's face it - for being annoying.

Dennis Olle has been on one of those Boards for as long as I can remember - Tropical Audubon Society. He probably even voted against my membership on the Board. I am a member of TAS group because they do good work, as opposed to Audubon (I can't stand their director Eric Draper).

Dennis Olle works for the law firm Carlton Fields/Jorden Burt. Besides being a lawyer and an Eagle Scout he takes the time to be part of the solution. His resume says:

Tropical Audubon Society (Miami, FL)
Director and Vice-President
Former President
Advisory Board Member
North American Butterfly Association,
Director (2007-present)
Miami Blue Chapter (North American Butterfly Association)
Vice-President, President (2004-2010)
Director, Conservation Programs (2010-Present)
Miami Blue Recovery Team (USFWS) (2014-Present)
Monarch Joint Venture, NABA Representative
The Barnacle Society
Director (1992-1995)
Public Health & Environmental Degradation Task Force
Miami River Coordinating Committee Chairman (1994)
Dade County/Florida Keys Water Supply
Plan Advisory Committee Member (1994)
Citizen’s Committee, South Florida Water Management District
Chairman, South Dade Watershed Plan (1995-1996)
National Audubon Society Environmental Economics Council (Miami, FL)
Member (1996-2001)
Biscayne Bay Partnership Initiative
Regulatory Survey Team Member (2000)

These are some heavy environmental creds. He does it because he cares about Miami Dade County. He hardly know me, but he is a man I admire very much. I wish we had more lawyer like him. The law firm he is part of was Dan Paul's law firm as well. Thank you Dennis for making my most admired list. That honor could sink your career.

There is an article today he is part of in the Miami Herald on the endangered Pine Rocklands:

“Obviously, the county has taken pause,” said attorney Dennis Olle, a board member for Tropical Audubon and a director for the North American Butterfly Association. “I read it as a threat.”


“The ultimate insult is they’re going to destroy wild land to bring the water slide,” Olle said.

Others on my most admired Floridian list:

Paul Schwiep
Richard Grosso
Alan Farago (Gimleteye)
Cindy Lerner


Anonymous said...

He is a good man. Not many have done so much for Florida Environment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks are due to him - to you - and to the others on your list.

Anonymous said...

Well stated.