Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beating a Dead Horse: More on the wellfield protection zone for dopey people with short attention spans. By Geniusofdespair

Well you might be over the wellfield protection zone reduction plan, on to your Khardasian double wedding news. To me this story is very much alive.

This is post number 3, I assume you think you have had enough of the wellfield protection zone --thinking let the government take care of me. Well the government is taking care of the DEVELOPERS not you. They see a lawsuit or an injunction and they get scared as shit. And extending 836 what could be more important? Your water supply maybe. The government is saying they are pulling less water from the wells so they don't need such big zones. That is what the developers are saying too. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? As we have more salt water intrusion we will have less water and might not be able to use other wells. We could pollute this water very easily and once done, it is gone.

Well you haven't seen an end to this subject, not here on this blog. Maybe in the Herald. Oops, it hasn't been there. I bet you didn't even read post number 2.  Go back and read it damn it so you understand this article.

This is the most important issue in Miami Dade County in our view. Forget libraries, Ludlam Trail, stupid Miami Wild and the Nail Clipper building. Focus. This is the hot story. I can't emphasize it enough. They want to shrink the wellfields. This is insanity.

How did this suddenly get less important? DEVELOPMENT PRESSURE.

Link to document

A second document:

From a letter from Environmental groups:
This is one of the water supply for Miami-Dade county residents. The consequences of getting this outcome wrong are enormous. Yet, the current reassessment of the wellfield protection areas fails to consider these additional contamination risks posed by new land uses.

For example, the USGS MODFLOW model shows that with expansion of mining, the wellfields preferentially pull water from mining pits, from which the USGS report contends “it is possible that contamination could reach the well fields quickly, within 10 days in some cases.” Renken et al. (2005) conclude from the 2003 tracer tests that “demonstrated potential contamination risks in the Northwest well field that are far greater than previously considered, indicating the need for reassessment of existing rock-mine setback distances”. The protection areas should take into account the implications of additional rock mining, and other land uses that pose contamination risks, which poses potential high risk to human health and safety.

Sincerely, Kathy Aterno Florida Director Clean Water Action / Clean Water Fund
Sara Fain, Esq. Executive Director Everglades Law Center
Manley Fuller President Florida Wildlife Federation
John Adornato Regional Director National Parks Conservation Association
Stephen Mahoney Conservation Chair Sierra Club Miami
Laura Reynolds Executive Director Tropical Audubon Society

One last paper....

Link on Scrib

You might ask yourself why is Miami Dade County ignoring all these scientific papers and the environmental community. Very good question.  I think they don't care about the water at all. They are just going to give up on it and use a water treatment method, desalination perhaps -- like Tampa.

Why not pay big bucks for our water?


Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with Codina's Beacon Lakes? Is the government trying to cover for the huge mistake of letting him build with all kinds of wellfield protection promises that he made?

Anonymous said...

The reason it seems that no one is paying attention is because they assume the govt officials are doing the right thing always and of course, would never do something so deplorable so unethical so shortsighted as compromise our fresh water supply. No matter how many times you report it or how many documents you publish no one can believe this. That's because of the social compact the underlying premise of civilized society of democracy that our elected officials hold a public trust and are acting in the public interest not at the behest of private profiteers and their enabling lobbyists. Whoops! I forgot for a second we are living in a Miami Dade County. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Another reason that no one is paying attention may be that they assume it will not matter anyway. Developers figure out a way to get what they want and Commissioners get funds for future elections and go to nice parties. This is one of the scariest things going on - less visible than the nail clipper - but huge. People do need to show up and make noise on this one. We elected Daniella - she will get it. We need to let other commissioners know that they too are vulnerable. Even Pepe Diaz - even Souto - even Sally. Time for t-shirts in the chambers. Thanks Eye On Miami - keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

The reason water and sewer doesn't care is because they are just going to go to reverse osmosis or a desalinization plant which will cost us a lot more money and they will just let the aquifer get polluted.they don't care about the natural system. We are so lucky to have the Biscayne aquifer. Palm Beach County most of Broward and other places don't have it. They rely on the Floridian aquifer and lakes.

Geniusofdespair said...

I am not showing up at the commission meeting in a colored T-shirt -----let the people start calling their commissioners now and tell them they don't want the wellfield protection zone down sized or they can simply say "don't fuck with my water supply". We are not going to go to the desal plant because they are afraid of Ron Bergeron or other looters of our natural resources in the name of the holy dollar. Carlos Gimenez get off your ass and take some leadership on this issue.

Alexandria said...

The scum of the earth needs to go to prison. Start with Scott,Bush,and all those cronies in and out of the acronym system,SFWMD,DEP,& every appointed hack. The biggest terrorist cell in Florida are these criminals. Everyday they make decisions is another day Florida dies. The Bushes bought 95000 acres in South America over the largest Aquifer so they will sell us water at a premium. Good luck being alive in Miami or anywhere in America.

Anonymous said...

Correct word: Desalination

Correct name of aquifer: Floridan

Anonymous said...

I'm out. Your name calling tantrums are out of control and useless. Too much hate. If you can't calm down you should do something else. The subject matter is upsetting but COME ON!

Anonymous said...

GOD: great research! Thanks for posting. Keep up the good work!

Geniusofdespair said...

Goodbye "out" read the Herald

Anonymous said...

City of Miami's remediation of the mess from Old Smokey incinerator seems to be leaving most of the toxic waste which for decades has washed into private water wells in West Grove and water table around Miami. It is criminal.