Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art Basel Miami: Mixed review from NY Times … by gimleteye

Annually, we opine on Art Basel Miami, the international art fair timed to winter's arrival in Western capitals. (Worth reading the archive.)

A few years ago Alberto Ibarguen, Knight Foundation skipper, was quoted in the Miami Herald, confident of approval of the world's cognoscenti; "Art Basel recognized we were at a tipping point."

If Miami is famous for anything, it is miscalculating tipping points.

Yesterday the New York Times noted how Art Basel Miami unexpectedly transformed. "Those Artsy Early Birds Flew Away, Art Basel Miami Beach’s Unfulfilled Promise" will stir the same huffing and puffing that accompanied its August 2014 OPED by Pamela Druckerman. "Miami may one day be the city for normal-looking people with semi-intellectual aspirations and a mild social conscience. But it’s not there yet."

Oh, the haters!

Our eye halted at the Times' reference to ferocious traffic congestion.

The New York Times: "Once a prime attraction for Basel-ites, the local terrain increasingly seems to them to be merely a traffic-clogged backdrop." Honk, if you agree.

The Miami Herald during Ibarguen's years as publisher could have been a forceful advocate for sensible transit options. Never happened. Instead, the Herald is more along the line, "what about all the corporations who are people? Who will protect them?"

We all know the tipping point that drove the Miami Herald out of downtown Miami.

In the Times, "The New York collector Beth Rudin DeWoody said that the events surrounding Art Basel have become so frenetic, many of the collectors she knows fly into Miami for only two days, solely to hit the main fair." What, and not visit Coconut Grove? Not take a stroll through CocoWalk?


Blogging 101 said...

No link to the NYT story? Yeah, I can look it up but...jeezohman.

Anonymous said...

The NYT piece is a reverse commentary with a "been there, done that" jaded attitude by the author. Our traffic sucks, but traffic jams on the streets of NYC are a snarl. Glass houses.

Anonymous said...

Art Basel = leftovers that haven't sold. Miami Beach is blacklisted by celebrities and wealthy patrons because of the large amount of false arrests from MBPD.

Raven Cohan said...

12/30/14. From Raven Cohan Hollywood 33019... 954.927.2836 The coverage of Art Basel in the hard copy paper and here on the internet... is strange. No directions to not one place could I find. Is it in Ft. Lauderdale, altogether? Too crazy. While I am here complaining, there are lots of typos in so many of your articles. (Annoying even to a late blooming writer who makes her own typos.)

Anonymous said...

Miami Herald reports four trolleys to service Art Basel passengers!

Anonymous said...

Art Basel is very social. A required stop for the billionaire social set. Miami still has a long way to go. Elected officials are still taking bribes from billboard companies...