Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Seen on the street: John Dubois walks with Karen Cunningham in Palmetto Bay. By Geniusofdespair

Win at any cost? I hope not. Jose Luis Castillo has his former clients helping each other. Is it really help? I guess in Palmetto Bay it is, where everyone is fighting.

John E. Dubois self described Bagel Store Worker in his early career in a deposition.


Anonymous said...

Karyn Cunningham is a lobbyist. She says she is a teacher but she hasn't taught in a classroom for more than a decade.

She hides behind some fancy title but she is a lobbyist none the less.

Dubois, Castillo (her campaign manager and also a lobbyist), and Cunningham are a bad combination for Palmetto Bay. This is very suggestive of Lynda Bell's ill-fated campaign.

Let's hope the outcome is the same.

Anonymous said...

Slapp suit happy Bagel Boy. I would walk with him.

Anonymous said...

Karyn Cunningham's opponent, David Zisman does not possess an ounce of integrity, honesty or respect and is one of the main troublemakers in Palmetto Bay. Zisman regularly attacks the Mayor, his neighbors and anyone who in Zisman's own words "crossed me" at every opportunity. To make it clear, Zisman's behavior in council meetings, in public and with his neighbors is despicable, period. Zisman is not fit to serve in office. I may not always agree with John Dubois, but John has demonstrated good sense supporting Karyn Cunningham.
On the other hand, Karyn has demonstrated integrity, honesty and respect to everyone she encounters and very well known in her profession for these same qualities. John chose well regardless of the Castillo association.
Genius, why don't you do some research on Zisman.

Anonymous said...

DuBois needs a barf tag, Cunningham is earning one by the day!

Geniusofdespair said...

I am not bothering with local crap EXCEPT Castillo candidates who are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

They put a bullseye on their forehead.

Anonymous said...

Candidates are judged by the company that they keep. Cunningham's campaign manager, Jose Castillo, who like Cunningham is a lobbyist, plead no contest to a Cutler Bay-related ethics violation and paid a fine.

Castillo also managed Mark Bell's failed 2013 Homestead mayoral campaign in which two persons were recently arrested for absentee ballot tampering.

If Cunningham is elected and Castillo represents a client before the Palmetto Bay Council, how beholden will she be to Castillo? Her relationship to Castillo raises a host of conflict of interest and ethics concerns.

Cunningham's relationship with Dubois and Castillo are revealing of her bad judgment and her political agenda.

Barbara said...

Zizman is a bad choice. But Cunningham is making herself a bad choice on her own. What is wrong with her thinking? Why is she associating herself with people who will make her look bad? I would rather vote for the bastard I know.

Edward Perry MacDougall said...

You are the company you keep. It is simple, your lobbyist or your community. It seems an easy choice. Think about it, how much power over your Town or Village will a lobbyist have when he has a special relationship with the majority of the council members? You do the math!

Edward Perry MacDougall said...

Let me be clear, there are some good lobbyists, that is not who we are talking about.

Basta Ya said...

This blog has become our own version of Fox News, with it's alternative version of reality and an unquestioning, mean-spirited audience.

Karyn Cunningham lobbies for public school teachers and public education. If you dislike public school teachers and public education, then I can understand why you might not like Ms. Cunningham.

Me, I want an effective advocate on the city commission. I want someone who knows how this all works, who can bring different factions together and get good things done.

Karyn isn't going to vote for a piece of shit no matter who supported her.

The same exact situation as with St. Katy Sorenson -- who took tens of thousands of "special interest: campaign contributions, and who holds her goo-goo "good government" events at the law offices of Bilzen Sumberg.

Get over it, people.