Thursday, October 09, 2014

Miami Dade County Staff Have Their Bullet Proof Vests in a Wad Over Jobs. By Geniusofdespair

 Lay off notices were distributed to senior Miami Dade Police Department Employees.

Excerpt From Letter to County Commissioner 10/08

I wrote about a similar subject October 1st. Don't always skip my links.

Sample letter that went out to police staff


Anonymous said...

This is so typical of Gimenez. He tells the Commission whatever they want to hear, and then does whatever he wants. When will they learn?

I am sure he lies to his wife. His lack of integrity has been honed over many, many years. You don't just all of a sudden develop these character flaws. He just happens to be in the spotlight every time he lies as Mayor of Miami-Dade County.

These workers should be immediately re-instated to their positions. No one should have their career ended because this vindictive petty a**hole wants to prove he has a bigger Johnson than Rivera.

Anonymous said...

At a time when our county and country is facing dangerous perils of safety due to open borders and home grown terrorists, our mayor and commission can't protect us.

Why would any man of authority lay off first responders is beyond reason.

It does not matter whether those officers come from the bargaining unit (other than for illustration of retaliation)... for the purposes of critical response to emergencies, those bargaining officers are still trained and equipped to hit the road.

It seems that NO one in county hall recalls the scrambling after 911. Well, we have crumbling nukes that are wide open, we have dozens of Islamic pods in South Florida... which did not disappear after 911, just reformatted themselves.

Where did the pilots live and study that hit towers? It was not Mississippi.

I finally feel unsafe in South Florida. I really would like to live where my elected officials from local to national, give a shit about public safety and supporting the community with well trained professional first responders, civilian staff and volunteers. As a county, we used to be thoughtful about our community safety issues and now, our government has forgotten the lessons of hurricane Andrew and 911.

To me, this is negligence of the highest degree and corruption of the calling of public office. It is not about selfish service, IT IS about selfless service.

We are facing serious challenges and I don't see the political leadership caring or realizing that their families face the same dangers my does when we have an emergency that affects the public well being.

youbetcha' said...

It is totally stupid that PBA can use form letters addressed to our elected officials. The ability to dust-off and reuse the same material shows that county issues never get resolved and that is a total lack of creativity on the part of the mayor and his minions.

Anonymous said...

Unions own the politicians. Boxing match between two groups which are both on the take. The public still pays to watch the fight when insiders already know the outcome.

Anonymous said...

That letter to the police is an insult.

Anonymous said...

That discharge letter is a lie. I received on of those once, and the county did absolutely nothing to help with the job search or stabilization. I was a top rated employee and no one stepped up from hr to help digest and work through the disaster caused by turning my life upside down.

Yet you will find the aviation depth, water and sewer, parks loaded with political appointees that are stashed to preserve their job.

Anonymous said...

yeah and this upstanding Mayor Jiminez takes the stand against Mayor Steve Bateman?? Who would YOU believe????

Geniusofdespair said...

Actually Gimenez.

Anonymous said...

That's right Gimenez , How could anyone take his word and use it to make a decision on someone else's ethical behavior? It took almost a year to arrest these paid voter fraud individuals but Batemans trial is front and center? What's up? Anyone can see what's going on. Yes thank goodness for Daniella, not so sure on the Porter thing..

Anonymous said...

Many union members are overpaid and many are lazy. The County needs to fire 1,000+ employees and weak commissioners need to lower taxes.