Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mayor Regalado: Full of surprises, now on the Nail Clipper. By Geniusofdespair

Eye on Miami's Version of SkyRise Miami a.k.a. the Nail Clipper. By the way that green space in the foreground is Parcel B where they want to put the unfunded museum.

Today the Miami Herald reported that Mayor Tomas Regalado, City of Miami Mayor, is not supporting County Funding of this project. The City of Miami had a referendum and the campaign pledge said to voters no public dollars, it would be privately funded.

County funds  are also  paid by City residents. City of Miami citizens pay both. So the referendum language would be a lie and it got 68% approval from the brain-dead voters.
Regalado said: "we can't continue to do things differently from what we promise the people"..."this isn't about $9 million. It's a moral issue."

...I don’t have control over the county but I do feel the county should consider what the people of Miami voted for and were told,” Regalado said.
 Mayor Gimenez, I think this pot of money is being misused. The way Burgess and Nero designed it, it should be used for projects that were to generate large number of well paying jobs AND incremental taxes  the Skyrise project is .. Not really going back to the "original intent." 

Frank Nero, former head of the Beacon Council, said about the two projects proposed by Gimenez: "These are bread and "circus" type projects: Low paying tourist type jobs not the high paying above median wage jobs /with high incremental taxes which WERE the original  targets.

But he did say they were better than the little projects that the county commission committee voted on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Bread and circus just about nails it. I'm more concerned about the future, when the profit does not pan out, guess who is going to be the sucker to keep this land mark from descending into slum and blight.
A gargantuan future liability on public property with the city having no say so because the deal is hiding behind the Bayside crocked deal.

City of Miami motto: "BELIEVE"
Faith based Gubernment, barf.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Miami mayor Reg

Anonymous said...

It is about time an elected official stands up for the people and what is right.

Thank you Commissioner Regalado.

I hope the County will take the message as seriously as it was rendered and do the right thing also.

Anonymous said...

Why should money be wasted on silly unnecessary projects when there are toxic parks that need serious cleanup endangering public health and destroying property values?

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff, Lil Frances Suarez and Keon "Hardly There" Hardemon all wrote letters supporting the "bailout for billionaires" / "bailout for campaign contributors"... $9 mil for SkyLies helps to add more parking spots so tourists get gouged.

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be building anything else on the waterfront or concreting it over. We should be replanting marshes and mangroves and native trees and open lawns. Has anyone ever heard of Climate Change sea level rise in Miami? Get real.

Anonymous said...

When the project fails to bring in the promised revenue, there is a clause in the contract allowing it to morph into a casino. SCAM!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they haven't requested state funding. Crossover episode from the failed soccer stadium.

Anonymous said...

It was just disclosed that Jeff Berkowitz was lobbying the State AND the County for tax money concurrently with his on-the-record and sworn in statements to City of Miami Commissioners that he WOULD be funding SkyLies with 100% private funding. County Commissioners should deny the $9 Million gift AND Carlos Gimenez should recuse himself from the issue as he discloses a conflict of interest.