Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Law Enforcement Discussion Group Targets Miami-Dade County. By Geniusofdespair

Leo Affairs.Com is a National blog/website/message board that identifies itself as the voice of Law Enforcement Online. They had a thread about Miami that I think you would all find worth reading, not surprising most were anonymous postings, so take what is said in that spirit. There is usually some truth in what is posted anonymously but don't take it as gospel. Their mission statement:
LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ got its start as an Officer Rights website, but soon became aware of the need for LEOs to talk candidly about law enforcement related topics without the fear of repercussion.  Thus, our Message Board area was born.
LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ basically consists of a Website and a Message Board area.  
Here is a post from 9/29/2014 with 2 comments:

38 transfers at Narcotics and ECU-the latest bureaus to be decimated by Mayor Gimenez

Once again the transfer grim reaper has gotten hold of our department. Late today, members of the Narcotics and ECU bureaus were scrambling to "find new homes" after being told they will be transferred in the immediate future. Of course for the most part these selective transfers are surgical in nature and target senior members of this department who are either on the drop or near their 25 year retirement date. The way Old Toothless sees it, when those guys opt for retirement he can employ three rookies off the street for what it costs to pay a senior member of this department. Sad thing is the experience loss in irreplaceable and it inevitably leads to a much younger department built on the image of our infamous deputy director. I truly hope that after putting in a full career in this department those young men and women who now come into this job are not cast aside as we currently are by some future mayor and forced to retire by an equally obtuse group of administrators.

Isn't there a drug-gang turf war going? Why the hell would you transfer all of the cops outta narcotics and gangs.

Because Gimenez does not give a damn about the turf-drug war going on in Black neighborhoods. Gimenez' interests lie with the "beautiful People" from Brickell and other affluent areas. Appointing J. D. Patterson MDPD director was an astute political move. Would the Black community criticize one of their own for being utterly inept? Hardly! For Gimenez, Patterson is and will continue to be an insurance policy. This is one of the many reasons why Gimenez must be RECALLED!


Anonymous said...

Rich people and tourists keep Miami-Dade County going. Efforts need to be made to provide more effective policing. Criminals must be kept away from tourists. Dozens of overpriced cops sleeping in patrol cars in out-of-the-way parking lots does not deter crime.

Anonymous said...

At least a group of public servants in this county has enough intestinal fortitude to speak up against a mayor who has enriched himself and his contractor friends at the cost of piblic safefy and infrastructure. God bless those who protect this community at the expense of their own lives and families. Stay safe out there.