Monday, October 13, 2014

Florida's electric utilities and state sponsored cronyism: if you want a change, vote for Charlie Crist … by gimleteye

Gov. Rick Scott gives Florida's electric utilities whatever they want. It is no surprise that they are among his largest campaign contributors in a hotly contested race to be the state's next governor.

Scott ignored South Floridians when he gave carte blanche to FPL for two new nuclear plants and overhead high voltage power cables from Turkey Point up US Route 1.

Voters, never mind what is ABOUT to happen, consider what IS happening.

FPL is agitating at the governing board of the South Florida Water Management District -- appointed by Gov. Rick Scott -- to "X" out scientists from the District and the enforcement powers of the agency with respect to massive ONGOING pollution of South Dade and Biscayne Bay.

What is treasured by all is being trashed by one: FPL. Even if you don't care about Biscayne Bay, or the water you drink, think what it means to first, create an unsolvable problem and second, to eliminate the science capacity of government to tell people what harm is being done. This isn't JUST happening through Gov. Rick Scott's pushing the governing board to step away from Turkey Point science; it's the same tactics he deployed at the water management district in 2011 when heads rolled among the science group charged with monitoring Everglades restoration!

Here are two photos that show what has happened with the failing cooling canals for two nuclear reactors at Turkey Point. They are clogged with God-knows-what. When the cooling canals don't work, all hell breaks loose. Who is responsible? FPL and Governor Rick Scott.

So, voters: how do you take your coffee? With radioactive isotopes or not? Let's take back Florida from state sponsored cronyism and Rick Scott. Please.


Anonymous said...

FPL CEO pays himself $25 mil per year? Does he care how badly FPL is treating the environment?

Anonymous said...

Anti-FPL? Then vote for Crist and vote against Shelley Stanczyk in Palmetto Bay. Check the record. One of the first things Stanczyk did after becoming mayor in 2010 was pull out of the South Dade Municipal Coalition fight against FPL. She left Pinecrest Mayor Lerner and South Miami Mayor Stoddard without Palmetto Bay as a partner.

There is a second pro-FPL choice in the Palmetto Bay mayor's race. Peter England used to lobby for them as an FPL employee. Now he wants to serve FPL from inside local government.

Palmetto Bay is so screwed.

Stanczyk or England. England or Stanczyk. Its like flipping a two-headed FPL coin to decide who can turn the reins of Palmetto Bay over to FPL quicker. FPL wins and the residents lose either side up.

Anonymous said...