Saturday, October 11, 2014

Homestead Golf Course.....By Geniusofdespair

 Wayne Rosen bought the golf course. Here are the Golf Course Covenants of the NEVER maintained Golf Course. Read them if you live in the area to see what you should have gotten.

Document Directly on Scrib

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Well Wayne Rosen Signed this document that is good until 2028. Now what Wayne? You passed on the costs to the new operator.  Maybe you were somehow the old operator too? In the DRI the golf course was supposed to be 150 acres. In the Covenant it states the golf course is 136 acres.


Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight. Rosen owned the golf course, sold it and never enforced the maintenance covenants so it deteriorated. Then he repurchased it and now wants the community homeowners to maintain it when he never did?
Clearly Rosen does not care about the Keys Gate community. He is using them to pass his costs on to for his own selfish and greedy nature. The owner is responsible for all maintenance that's the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

It is only a shame the owners of Keys Gate don't hire an attorney to enforce their own HOA by laws and also this Golf Course covenant. It's pretty clear. If they only had brains there, which is why it's such easy pickings for someone like Rosen.

Anonymous said...

Here is how this was going to work. Rosen was most likely going to hire an attorney to threaten the community with either increased townhouse density or the threat of a potential slaughterhouse or recycling plant if they don't go along with him. However now that the DRI language and the covenant language are spelled out that will not fly.

In 2006 this same Rosen tried to ram a Town Center with a residential density of 20 units per acre down the community's throat. The alternative was the threat of big box stores. Neither happened. Rosen wants to see just what he can get away with and how the opposition will hold up. Keys Gate residents need to band together, stop the infighting and get a lawyer. You have rights that are being trampled. You are separated into multiple delegate controlled communities for a reason. The whole concept of divide and conquer is on display here. The purpose is not to streamline communications as the declarant dictates what you will say to your individual flocks of sheep.

Anonymous said...

Keys Gate has 3,961 units.
If Wayne Rosen charges $30 a month that equates to $119,000 per month or $1.4 million a year.
Since he owns the property privately nobody is ever going to see the books.
Are the delegates just going to take his word that he was a careful steward of their money?
It is time to cut the umbilical cord and get out from under the thumb of developers.
The built out neighborhoods need to get legal guidance and legislative help to secede from the master association.