Sunday, October 05, 2014

Amendment 2: vote yes … by gimleteye

The respected Tampa Bay Times recommends a 'no' vote on the medical marijuana amendment. The Times cites concerns about governance by referendum and loopholes in restrictions on who, what, when and where Floridians would get marijuana.

On the "who, what, when and where" question, pot is everywhere. Already, in Miami-Dade, growing marijuana is a major cash crop. The only aspect of the marijuana trade in Florida that is missing: the entire revenue stream is being left to criminals.

On face value, this amendment is about "medical" marijuana. The Times and other opponents worry about the measure being a de-facto decriminalization of pot. The Times doesn't take up the many valid reasons for decriminalization.

Prohibition of marijuana is bad public policy and has lead to vast societal costs. Of these, the one that deserves immediate attention is the selective prosecution of African Americans and minorities in numbers disproportionate to population.

With Amendment 2, citizens have acted because an extremist GOP legislature would not touch legalizing marijuana with a ten foot pole even though toking up is the only act that freely crosses political boundaries.

Who will miss prohibition once it's gone? No one but the dealers. Vote yes on Amendment 2.


Anonymous said...

I don't think so. NO NO NO.

After being in social work, and knowing what drugs and alcohol does to families, I do not want an legal gateway into illegal drugs. That is the way this would go. This is the way it is intended to go.

And there will not be enough people to clean up the mess that used to be our children. We already have our children dying from drinking and driving; and you want to open the door for justifying marijuana usage?

Our community is full of non-high school graduates without having pot as an enticement not to go to high school. Look at Colorado. That is a social experiment already going astray.

Gimleteye, please focus on the real world which happens to be turning to shit beyond your yuppy little bubble.

You may scoot your happy-self all over the nation, and even the world, but you need to help this community raise some bright non-pot heads that will be able to deal with absolutely horrible things happening on our doorstep.

Stop with the long well written treatises on political non-sense. Try focusing on the decay of the American community, family and our children. Your opinion does not matter so much as you think. Putting your energy into concrete community work does.

Don't put the camel's nose into the Marijuana tent; we don't want to go there.

Anonymous said...

Instead the kids are going into your medicine cabinet, opening up the childproof cap and taking your prescriptions - for themselves, their friends or to sell.

Self control is the only control you can count on. Kids who are raised by social media and missing parental involvement - it doesn't matter what the drug - your medicine, Office Depot office supply chemicals to huff - it doesn't matter.

Legalize marijuana to take the profit out of a criminal system that overpowers our own local, state and federal governments.

Anonymous said...

I will vote no.

Anonymous said...

Be the change and be the person to offer hopeful alternatives to kids who have a parental vacuum in their lives. Drugs are the answer when their appeal is to distance the mind from reality. Make a child's reality more important than any high.

Anonymous said...

I will vote yes.

Anonymous said...

The Marihuana laws are an affront to all society's that lived with "medicinal" plants for millennia.
Does any one here realize how similar this country is compared to fundamentalist Muslim country's enforcement and application of ideological "laws"?
But, but, your going to say, we are not stubbornly single minded.
Exhibit one: the existence of a fundamental Christian University with the goal to nurture young politicians that in turn will try to enact laws to govern the country according to their god and bible!
I guess free country means being able to do bone headed and stupid stuff.

Anonymous said...

Every child in South Florida has access to pot. Any kid over the age of 12-13 can buy pot, almost anytime. Be realistic. More importantly, pot helps people with certain medical problems feel better. Vote Yes.

Anonymous said...

Legalizing marijuana takes the "thrill" of an illicit drug out of the equation.

There are fewer Jewish alcoholics than in other religions because serving wine at Jewish dinners and allowing the kids to partake took the mystique out of drinking. Who is to say that this won't happen with pot?

From a financial standpoint, let's capture some of that drug money in the way of taxes. Heaven knows we could use it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, you have no idea what you are talking about. Pot is safer than alcohol in just about every single way. Also, please cite how Colorado and Washington are having problems. Do the research on the facts and dont just spout your ignorant feelings on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I would much rather see pot legalized than see widespread casinos.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The gods gave you paradise, and you destroy it by your foolishness!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes "YES" on Amendment 2 is responsible for the further ruination of our children and life as we know it, or used to know it.

I cannot find one valid reason in spite of the posts here to vote for drug use.

My family and friends will all vote "NO."

Anonymous said...

Vote Yes on 2