Saturday, October 04, 2014

A Call To EOM Readers: Send Us Your Photos Of The King Tide! … by gimleteye

For years (can't count that high!) we have been posting on the super fall tidal event known as King Tides.

Global warming skeptics/deniers -- including some famous Miami Herald reporters -- have poo-poo'd King Tides: we've always had 'em, they say.

Well folks, we've never had them like this!
We don't get the King Tides until next week, but if this week's tides are any indication, fasten yer lifejackets! Pass the word: send your photos for publication to:

AND BTW, love Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales (former county commissioner) hedging his bets in a local CBS News report that the $400 million newly installed pumps might not work. From the reporters, not a word about climate change. In other words, a blameless affair of nature. Not political. Not any one's fault.

Climate change adaption means never having to say you're sorry.

Control the tide?

2012 South Beach:


Anonymous said...

One reason the pumps on Miami Beach might not work is that they haven't even finished with their installation. A lot of dithering by the city, and West Avenue has been a mess seemingly forever.

Anonymous said...

The pumps will not prevent flooding. They will only alleviate the water levels after South Beach has flooded. Miami Beach residents are not the brightest in the world.

Anonymous said...

"Miami Beach Sunset Island injection pump contamination"

"Progress Report on the City's Local Mitigation Strategy Projects relative to Property Owner Discount on Flood Insurance Premiums"

Anonymous said...

Once the land is under the Atlantic Ocean, will property owners be paid for their property by flood insurance? Some other government program? Or will they and the mortgager holder just eat the loss?

Anonymous said...

Those are interesting questions. I don't think we have begun an earnest conversation about the financial implications of loss of property to the Alantic ocean, and of course the resulting loss of property taxes. Has anyone estimated the value of the property on Miami Beach?

Anonymous said...

Property Appraiser office: MIAMI BEACH 24,656,576,889 2013 Preliminary Taxable Value.
Property in Miami Beach keeps going up. The city will just allow more dense condominiums to offset any taxable declines in value. Foreigners who don't read the news are buying up condominiums. They have no clue what is going on. When the mayor starts selling his properties the city is done.

Anonymous said...

Philip Levine has been in office for a year and we are still flooded, our roads are still broken, and cops are sleeping on the job. All he says is that he ran to be Mayor of Miami Beach not Venice. MAYOR LEVINE: it's time to stop campaigning, stop pointing fingers at your predecessors, stop kicking the can down the road. You (and your lap dog city manager jimmy morales) keep awarding contracts by circumventing comeptitive bidding, you keep helping your developer friends by approving demolition of architecturally significant buildings, and while you pay for your travells we - the taxpayers - pay for your chief of staff (chief of shit) to travel as your entourage. Your make belief "meeting" through barricades with the Pope, photographs at the white house correspondents dinner, or encounters with former Colombian presidents won't solve my broken street in front of my flooded yard. Stop being a wannabee. Quit the pretentiousness of "publishing" a picture book about your campaign. And if you must self publish a book about your campaign you could've thrown in a word or two. Miami Beach residents do know how to read. Your official portrait doesn't need to have the same exact background as obama's. And, your Branding Manager in your City Hall office paid by my tax dollars don't buy me a single extra level of service. Quit the campaigning, quit redecorating city hall, quit raising salaries for all your new army of aides (where are all these employees coming from), quit hushing residents and buying voters with free gifts, quit undermining the elderly absentee voters with Hawaii themed parties, and quit all the self promotion bs. Just get the job done. Fix our streets. And move on to whatever glorified position you have your eye on.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, it is really bad over there! It is just going to be absolute chaos when everyone must leave the island. If local governments fail to begin planning, I don't think the Feds will be able to help. If we go under first, there maybe some help. We need to look at that map again, and look along the coast. But if all the costal cities go under at the same time, the Feds probably will only be able to help with evacuations, if that.