Monday, September 22, 2014

Worst Environmentalist in Florida: Eric Draper of Audubon. By Geniusofdespair

According to the News-Press: "In the wake of Gov. Rick Scott's controversial hunting trip to a ranch in Texas, environmentalists are questioning the governor's appointment of two men associated with the ranch to the South Florida Water Management District's governing board. One of the state's leading environmental groups, however, defends the appointments. Scott's Feb. 15, 2013, hunting trip to King Ranch, which covers 825,000 acres in Texas, has generated publicity because it was partly paid for by the sugar industry — King Ranch owns 20,000 acres in South Florida, 12,500 acres of which is used for sugar cane."

Let Eric Draper  - Head of Audubon -  know what an idiot he is. Audubon, has become a pseudo environmental group, a shell of itself, since Eric became chief.  Why would he support these stupid pals of Scott, entrusting them with our water supply.
Eric Draper
As he did with DeLisi, Audubon's Draper defended Hutchcraft's appointment.
"I not only supported Mitch: I nominated him," Draper said. "The water district has always had somebody who represents the agriculture community on the governing board. When Joe Collins resigned, we wanted somebody we'd worked with and had confidence in. Mitch really fit that bill.
"We'd worked with him on panther habitat conservation and found him to be really approachable, informed and moderate, as agriculture people go. When I've gone to him as a board member to ask him to vote for something, he's typically voted our way."

Eric is such a loser.   Here is what another environmentalist said about him:

When I started coming to this conference 5 years ago, it was for the explicit purpose of confronting Eric Draper, the motherfucker who sold out the Loxahatchee Refuge to FPL and the rock mining mafia. At the time, Draper was the lobbyist for Florida Audubon Society. Today he’s the Executive Director and President of the group. (For shits and giggles, check out this article about Draper flying around in FPL’s private jets with other lobbyists and politicians.)
Over 100 names were blocked out.

Make an investment in the environment: Give to Sierra Club or Friends of the Everglades. I wouldn't give a penny to Audubon. Even before the ouster of Dr. Mark Kraus, they have been a shell of themselves with Draper at the helm, he hasn't helped one bit. All he does is alienate other environmentalists doing his wacky own agenda that no one else agrees with.

Mark Kraus, Ph.D

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Anonymous said...

How many " donations" or sponsorships has Florida Audubon received from developers around the state?

Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club is not much better than Audubon. I was denied membership back in the day because at the time the voting age was 21 and I was 18. You couldn't be a member of the Sierra Club unless you were 21. I've never forgotten that and I think Sierra people are snobs. I'll take Earth First!/Everglades First! over any corporate NGO like Audubon, Sierra Club, EDF, Nature Conservancy .... puke. Too bad there is no link to Ellen's letter about Eric Draper - I'd love to read it. The link you give goes to a 404 page.

Anonymous said...

Ask Mr. Draper why he and his organization are so quiet on all things Turkey Point. Not just the current water crisis but for all the other rubber stamp approvals the state has handed out to FPL for Turkey Point. At least Sierra and the other groups are on the correct side of these issues. I wish Eric was.

Anonymous said...

Anon above - Draper is quiet on FP&L because he's in cahoots with them. It would do no good to ask him why - do you really think he'd give an honest answer??