Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Recreational Pot (Marijuana) Experience in Colorado. By Geniusofdespair

 Rocky Mountain High...

As you all know, maybe, Colorado is one of two (Washington) States that has legal Marijuana for recreational use.  Here is a picture trip from around the State.
Upscale Pot Dispensary in Denver
The presentation was great. Holes in the tops of the jar let you smell the stuff.

I think the name of the Store is Euflora on the 16th Street Mall. They sell Recreational and Medical.

The Tax on Pot was High in Denver. They include the THC rating. These are "Very High".
Famous Pot Shop in Boulder. More Laid Back then Denver. Cheaper Tax.

The Interior of Karing Kind
Pot Presentation in Karing Kind, also had Holes in Tops for Smelling.

They Say they were the First Recreational Pot Store. It was Pretty Busy.
How They Sold the Pot. It Looked Like a Pill Bottle from the Drugstore. Even Has a Warning Label on the Back.
This Enterprising Young Girl from Michigan Decided to Set Up a Pot Stand on the Street in Telluride. That solves the High Tax Problem -- Don't Pay It. She was Soon Gone. Telluride was my Favorite Place. They don't Allow Chain Stores.

Colorado Springs Shuns Recreational Pot.  This Was the Only Store and There Were 30 People Waiting.
Street Kids in Denver. A Lot of Panhandling. I doubt the Kids can Afford the Pot in the Dispensaries.

Cops Keeping a Close Eye on the Kids. You Aren't Allowed to Smoke Pot in the Street but people Did. The Cops said they have more homeless kids flocking to Denver from Out of State and Out of the Country.


Anonymous said...

i used to smoke pot when i was younger. i loved listening to music on it. but i sat at home like a lump on a log and i wasn't motivated to do anything productive. it causes amotivational syndrome. i stopped smoking when they started doing drug testing at my job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

If enough revenue is generated in Colorado from the pot sales, other states will copy the new source of revenue, since most local and state governments will do anything for money.
PS it seems the street prices might be cheaper than the dispensary prices

Anonymous said...

The Denver tax is 22% I think.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed. We are simply redefining the crimes. We are moving from criminalizing those who sell dope to punishing the bootleggers who try to cut out the 'revenuers.' And just watch how the next step will be to complain about the high taxes on the pot, which is not unlike what we saw here in Florida when the raceinos in Florida ran back to the legislature to reduce their partnership with the state. They argued that they were not making the money they promised us, the taxpayers. We move on to defending the rights of the local youth drug dealer (a shill for the mob/gangs) to defending someone who is only stealing from the government in offering a product tax-free, off the grid. Organized crime made a huge fortune underground sales cutting out the government tax. I doubt that pot sales will somehow rise above this tried and true source of illegal gains.

Pot adds nothing productive to the community. Opening the door to pot is very strange, especially as we are trying to reduce alcohol and cigarettes use. You have to admit that the entire plan is in trouble when one of the 'good points' regarding taxation and legalization is the creation of the funding source for the addiction services. It’s sort of like legalizing gambling in order to tax it to fund gamblers anonymous.

Pot is best used underground with fear of going public – a private vice. I would hate to see my College friends coming back from their spring break to Colorado wearing “Rocky Mountain High 2015” tee shirts. It simply confirms that this country is not heading in the right direction.

Kel said...

The report today is that tax revenue is $21 million short of projections. Most people in CO are buying pot illegally with no tax because it is much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

The amount of taxes show the politicians' greed and lust all hinged on this one product. I've never used pot and won't start but I view it the same as the prescription drugs that I'm begged to use on thousands of tv commercials.

The anon two up has very well written and valid points. However, the "war" on this drug never worked. It was all a wink wink nudge nudge game amongst white collared workers who smoked behind closed doors versus those who got busted and jailed. The costs we have paid over forty years for policing marijuana as a crime has been a waste.

Anonymous said...

To write that this country is headed in the wrong direction -- evidenced by legalizing pot -- makes no sense at all. Decriminalizing and capturing revenue is heading in the right direction. So far as gambling is concerned, I guess the Atlantic City news is going to put a crimp in the legislature's plans to do Sheldon Adelson's bidding. At least I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon Adelson owns casinos where you can lose your life savings in 20 minutes (You should be free to do so), opposes Marijuana legalization. Is there anything wrong with this picture?

WOOF said...

Good photos, well done reporting

bmc said...

I did see a man in Reno who was begging his wife to allow him to sell their home to pay off the casino.

It was a conversation I watched at 31 years old and one that has kept me away from casinos ever since.

So sad and depressing.