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September 18th Meeting: Should Wayne Rosen be Stopped Because Homestead Yokels Have Been Used and Abused By Him? By Outofsight

 The next community meeting is for Keys Landing and is to be held at the Miami Management Office on September 18th located at 1541 S.E. 12th Avenue, Suite #37, Homestead - Will the Council member come to the meeting and newly elected Daniella Levine Cava? Wayne inexplicably has a pliant, willing City Council (shame on them). The Fairways residents (69 homeowners) are attempting to organize and pressure the city council. Can't have a neighborhood called the FAIRWAYS without a golf course can you?
He might be goofy looking but Wayne Rosen sure spreads his millions around to Lynda Bell (at least 30 or 40 thousand wasted)  and now the Rick Scott fundraiser coming up. Do not succumb to this guy Daniella, watch him like a hawk. I first wrote about him in 2006.
Not wasting any time over sentimentality's, Wayne Rosen is going to go it alone, without the support of his Commissioner Lynda Bell -- He was her biggest donor. He has his developer’s eye on the Keys Gate Golf and Country Club, an underutilized asset for the residents of Keys Gate and the surrounding community. The golf course is privately owned, but the tennis, racket ball courts and surrounding community common area belong to the residents of Keys Gate. 
Keys Gate Community Association

It is no mistake that Rosen is hovering in the wings looking for assistance from the Keys Gate master association. The developer of Keys Gate, Michael Latterner has NEVER turned over the individual Keys Gate communities to self-rule; he indirectly maintains control of the master association through his minions. Michael dropped his name off the incorporation papers for the Keys Gate Association for some unknown reason last year, probably due to his illness.

Rosen does not need to purchase that developed golf course for houses when his buddy, Michael Latterner and his Keys Gate Realty Broker daughter, Paige Latterner, know exactly the location of every undeveloped acre of residential land within the Keys Gate development boundaries.

Houses Surrounding Golf Course - Views be Damned!
With all the overgrown vacant land, they don’t need to screw the community to build more houses on the Course. From the Keys Gate Association description of the project given, there are offers of a gym, pool, super restaurant and better renovated golf course.

Additionally, there are rumors of 900 to 1900 homes (depending on DRI manipultation) which would overwhelm numerous community roads that already are gridlocked for blocks on school days. Of course, none of this is committed to on paper, so residents are getting information second handed from the individual community association “delegates” which regularly get pissed on by the master association.

Wayne Rosen is seeking to purchase the golf course and club house from an Indiana Corporation which has no managers or principals listed in Indiana or in the Florida Corporation filings in spite of being told to file the paperwork correctly. It is notable that Michael Latterner owns the undeveloped “hole in the doughnut” lands which lie inside and around the existing greens. Rosen could develop those lands into golf course homes while making the course a South Florida gem.

One has to assume that Rosen is seeking to control the Keys Gate property while being business partners with Latterner in various active corporations: DOUG, LLC.; KROME G I, LLC; COUP, LLC; RAINTREE DEVELOPMENT OF BROWARD, LLC; REVERTER HOLDINGS, LLC; OCTAGONAL HOLDINGS GROUP, INC. and MD HOLDINGS LXIX, LLC. -- Rosen and Latterner were also manager/partners in eight defunct corporations.

Land surrounding golf course here is owned by Latterner.

Setting aside the fact that Rosen and Michael Latterner are not listed directors in the KEYS GATE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION, INC., we have to keep in mind that realtor Kim Green (who works for Paige Latterner and whose corporation address is her place of work), Patrick Gleber and Clifford Lincoln most likely have the ultimate control of the two community owned parcels which are congruent to the club house. The other people who attend KGCA meetings are individual community association representatives who are advisory in nature; they take suggestions to the Keys Gate master association, but do not really control much of what happens.

Gleber has been sent out to coax the community association delegates to go along with the plan to sell to Rosen. He brings questions to private meetings like “how much would you pay monthly for an updated facility” along with the hints of more houses if Rosen does not purchase the property in October. Gelber also offers the insinuation that the residents could lose control of having input on the project if Rosen doesn’t purchase the land. (Like the residents have any control?)

Houses Surrounding Golf Course 1. Where will their view go?
My take is that we only lose control of input if the Keys Gate minions give up our control. There are multiple scenarios, so who knows what to believe. The Shores first home purchasers were promised a community center when their community project was being built out. Today, ten years later, the lot for the community center is barren and empty. So, at least one community wonders about any promises from Wayne Rosen.

Keys Gate communities already pay association fees to the Keys Gate Community Association for the zealous Miami Management people to keep security guards, swale grass cut and the tennis/racket ball facilities available. So, what are the residents going to do? Do we pay additional fees to Rosen for facilities that we already control? Does the community drop control of existing parcels?

I would love to have a nice restaurant and wonderful golf course. I do not golf, but the asset would be wonderful for other residents and visitors in South Dade who do. Right now, Homestead does not have a golf/banquet facility worthy of patrons of the race track and lovely weddings. I would use the restaurant and a nice bar, but as a retiree on a fixed income, I can’t afford to pay a membership fee for the honor of eating there. It is regrettable that the Keys Gate communities stand to lose access to existing community common areas, if that is the plan.

The property owners do not really get an actual ballot to express their opinion. In the communities like The Shores and the harder hit ones on the golf course with Chinese drywall, where rentals are the rule and not the exception, I would guess that most property owners are uninformed about the golf course issue.

Get the real story. The next community meeting is for Keys Landing and is to be held at the Miami Management Office on September 18th located at 1541 S.E. 12th Avenue, Suite #37, Homestead, FL 33034.
You must go if you live in Homestead. You need to hear the details. It affects the usage of the schools, city roads, police and fire services; it stands to have regional impact. This is a Homestead issue: it goes before the council depending on what Rosen decides to do with the property.


Wayne Rosen’s Bio
TRML KEYS GATE LLC owner of golf course. The state papers are not filled in correctly.


- Some of the attendees who are familiar with the real estate business reiterated that if the golf course is not retained, the property values of every house in Keys Gate will be dramatically reduced, especially those homes south of Palm Drive....Tim Craig

This is the owner of the golf course....appears to do boats too. Something is fishy here.


Anonymous said...

Whoa ! Stop and take a look at the trees, not the forest. The Compliant Council just authorized the WAIVER of 19 MILLION DOLLARS in impact fees for 3000 plus new homes he wants to build in Homestead. The golf course is private property and not that of the adjacent homeowners. If you want to stop the loss, then do your homework, homeowners. He has overbuilt the allowed number of units already and the way to stop this is to count rooftops and not grant the impact fee waiver.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great report Eye on Miami. Keep up the great work.

outofsight said...

well at 9 homes per acre, the course, the Keys Gate Homeowner Association parcels, the Golf Course land, and Latterner's "hole in donut" lands --- that could be 3000 houses.

The point is: there are 5 parcels. 2 of those parcels belong to the community residents of Keys Gate -- the golf course property is a separate issue and other 2 separate parcels.

The Keys Gate Community Association Board is being sent out to promote Rosen's deal. It is all such insiders crud, it makes me barf.

That Association represents Latterners interest not the interests of the residents who ALREADY pay monthly to use the tennis courts and walking paths.

Why should the KGCA give the land to a developer so the residents will STILL have to pay KGCA and then pay more to Rosen because he rolls use of the community facilities into a country club and fitness center?

Don't forget that the land to east of the tennis courts belongs to the City of Homestead. Remember the nice deep water lake that caused such a ruckus?

Anonymous said...

Good by View homeowners a la Doral and will be pulled out from under you.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I almost bought a home on the golf course. The houses are the nicest ones in Keys Gate.

Latterner's daughter would really screw the homeowners so she would have more houses to sell? She ought to work on getting the rentals in line and association

This activity really stinks. I ended up buying elsewhere, I am sooooo grateful I didn't drink the kool-aid and buy one of the golf course homes. I can't imagine watching my property value nose dive.

Anonymous said...

It is really amazing the City just gave away 19 million to Rosen. That should show the depth of the corruption that Rosen brings.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What side is what? Gleber is Latterner's pal. Is Rosen on the outs? Is Latterner having recollection problems and out of the picture? Is his daughter doing everything?

You weren't clear on the ownership dynamics of the 2 of them and Gleber's role.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the map that goes with the DRI. Right now, this is all tied to development along the entire length of Palm Drive.

It is not an accident that Publix is building on the corner a mile west or so from the golf course. The north bound road on their corner they are on, leads to a new turnpike interchange about a mile north.

To the south of the New Publix is the theoretical 6000 Florida City homes that were stopped years ago. Wanna bet they are not so theoretical now?

Don't for get that the build-out of the nukes will take many years. And this is what EVERYONE is hedging their bets on.

Anonymous said...

Rosen and Latterner are business partners. Gleber is being sent out to the local Keys gate Community Association delegates to get them to buy the package. Gleber is part of the Keys Gate Community Association master association which still remains in control of Latterner as developer.

Anonymous said...

Rosen was at a party for Cava with almost the entire Homestead City Council & mayors of Homestead and Florida City on Friday. Shiver Sr & Jr were also there! Makes you want to barf! He's already working on her but I think she knows enough to know his game and she certainly doesn't need his money! He needs her then the other way around!

Maryelena said...

Rosen is an evil man.He needs to find God.

Anonymous said...

The city council must rezone the golf course. 2015 is an election year in HUDSTEAD. Good luck stopping these shenanigans.

Just in case nobody noticed the media continues to increase the coverage of crime in HUDSTEAD. Kids locked in rooms, domestic violence murders, robberies, home invasions. Be sure to thank any and all past and present city council members for making the current and out of control crimewave happen. More cheap housing will put additional pressure on the Homestead infrastructure which is already over capacity. HUDSTEAD never learns from past blunders.

Anonymous said...

TRML KEYS GATE LLC owner of golf course. Has a registered agent named MARK A THOMPSON who lives in the Keys.

The TRML Keys Gate, Florida corporation shows the partner/manager as TRML, LLC

They filed in Florida with that information as the owner/manager and were told to correct that information by the state.

Of course, TRML, ignored the state's request for the name of partner/managers and their business address. And so, all we can see is the corporation TRML is the owner, even though the agent listed himself as a member as he signed the return.

There is something very fishy in Islamorda, or they are very dumb with corporation law, which I doubt.

Anonymous said...

That rat face troll needs to stay away. Far away.

Geniusofdespair said...

The address in Indianapolis is for a boat company...the secretary mentioned golf courses too. Very fishy.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see how fast Shelley Stanczyk and the council in Palmetto Bay fall over themselves to get Rosen his $5 million in County money. 'Fast Campaign Cash' Shelley may just be looking for a repeat of the 2010 race for mayor, seeking those same thousands of dollars that her BFF Rosen put in her campaign coffers last-minute.

Anonymous said...

Wayne is like mini Miami Koch. Don't be fooled by him. See if he can produce Latterner of sound mind to sign any thing.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of what is happening to the closed Calusa golf course in Kendall, with Bacardi wanting to develop it. Greed, corruption, and a total disregard for our environment is destroying the places where we live.

Anonymous said...

The yokels have been used and abused so many times in Homestead as a result of evolution they are now capable of self lubrication. A $19,000,000 impact fee credit is an absurd amount for what they did to that city. That should be their bond to get out of jail.

Anonymous said...

why on earth would they give him cdit on the houses? they are going to be built with or with out the city donations.

Lets see, Rosen needs more students for his Charter schools? As a resident of Keys Gate, it looks like I have just been screwed by Keys Gate and the city council. Why am I living here?

outofsight said...

The story that has not been written as yet is how a developer's family and his friends can hold thousands of Homestead residents hostage using Florida laws and by the aid of the elected officials.

By not turning over the homeowner associations to independent status, the Latterner family collects money from each homeowner for services, however allows them no final input into the amount collected, the services provided and which companies provide the services. Any sane business would have fired their yard men when they were found to be doing break-ins. The community associations did not have that privilege.

The "Master Association" determines how each homeowner association budget is spent and holds private meetings to deliberate with the sole delegate representing their community. This association has "delegates" that basically get pushed around and then end-up going back to their individual communities to give them the latest bad news. The Master Association is NOT our friend.

Somewhere, there are personal rights being trampled on and there should be an investigation into the stranglehold on the Keys Gate Community.

It would interesting to know what happened to the Shores Clubhouse. The commitment made to homeowners certainly was a breech of contract.

I foresee the general Keys Gate population either losing its common areas (and the rate) or getting new ones that result in their cost-sharing at a higher rate the upkeep of Rosen's community center for his new homes.

Anonymous said...

The Villages of Homestead is not Keys Gate. They are next door. But they are going to have (and already do have) traffic issues because of the schools.

Anonymous said...

At one point in time Key Gate was the Villages.

Anonymous said...

The DRI ( Development of Regional Impact ) approved in the early
70's was called the Villages of Homestead DRI and it includes all of what we now know as the Villages, Keys Gate, San Remo, Lakeshore and Keystone. There was a cap set by the state on the maximum number of units allowed and many believe that number was long ago exceeded. Between the lack of political will to oppose Rosen and absolutely no institutional memory among any city staff, this angle of attack against the build, build, build mentality will go nowhere. As long as Wayne continues to fund campaigns and Miss Judy's social events, Wayne will get what Wayne want; quality of life be damned. Why don't we change the name of the city to Waynes World ?

Anonymous said...

Not to be the heretic at the garden party but how many of you have played the Keysgate course recently? Last time I played, we couldn't finish the round it was in such terrible condition. (Say 8 months ago.) I've heard they fixed parts of the course, but it is not a facility that is supported by the community. Even if Rosen doesn't buy it, who is going to keep it from turning into an eyesore?

Anonymous said...

This is a sad state of affairs. I bought in the community because of the gold course and have witness the detoriation of the course and the decline of our community. This was suppose to be the jewel of homestead now I am stuck with a house that has lost value and if this goes forward I will lose more.

Anonymous said...

Wayne seems to buy love everywhere he goes.

Anonymous said...

The golf course is NOT the issue, people. Thats a diversion. the 19 million dollars in fee waivers and the permit to over build are the issues. No wonder he is able to do what he does.

Anonymous said...

If you play golf you go where the best greens are.... even if you have to drive an extra 30 minutes to do. But when you get the keys gate course it is not lovely and not special.

What kind of marketing promotion can you do when the course looks the way it does?

I have seen historical properties that people let go into disrepair so they tear them down... why wouldn't that work with golf courses?

Disturbed Keys Gate Resident said...

How about polling the Keys Gate residents to see if they would rather purchase the golf course outright as a group. It would be a very minimal investment with such a large number of homes. I'm sure a bank would be very interested in partnering up.

Anonymous said...

The way to stop this corruption is to contact FDLE (Florida Depatment of Law Enforcement)Director, demand that they partner an investigation with THE FBI and demand they bring a team to investigate deep corruption and fill jails

Felisha Dunlap said...

Bring in the FDLE AND FYI to a community meeting and have them conduct specific investigation and request a large net to stop this organized crime ring of politicians giving out our tax dollars to special interest. This is a cancer