Friday, September 19, 2014

Keys Gate Has No Key...Guest Blog by Tired of Being Locked Out.

 This is the continuing SAGA of the DRI gone bad in Homestead.  Read the  earlier 2 posts.

I would like to share with you some key points that were discussed at the Keys Landings Meeting on September 18, 2014. The meeting started at 7:00 pm and ended at 8:10 pm.

The homeowners are being bullied by the Master Association into accepting Mr. Wayne Rosen's plans for the golf course and new amenities; which would be financed by an increase of dues of a minimum of $43.00 dollars a month based on what North Gate is paying for their Clubhouse and Pool.

There was nobody representing Mr. Rosen or the Master Association which is controlled by the Latterner family. The meeting was ran by our  ONLY Delegate.

The problem the homeowners have with Mr. Rosen's Plan is the following:

1. There are no plans being shared with the membership; No Artistic Drawings of Amenities and No plans of the new design of the golf course showing location and types of New Homes.
2. There are no defined amenities being discussed.
3. The membership is being threaten to agree in theory to the new amenities or Mr. Rosen will build up to 3,000 homes instead of 900 homes. In Theory -- due to the membership having no real say due to the fact that the POA has never been turned over to the residents.
4. The amenities as far as we know will not be on land that belongs to the POA which increases the cost to the membership.
5. The Keys Landing Membership voted No to the new amenities by a show of hands.
6. The Keys Landing Membership make it clear that any new amenities added should be an option to join; this is the current policy for Keys Gate Residents to pay up to $800.00 a year to use North Gate's Clubhouse and Pool.
7. The Golf Course is losing money due to poor management. There is no reinvestment and there is a total lack of  maintenance; poor greens and cow pasture fairways.

The main problem that The Keys Landing Membership has, is the Latterner family has never turned over the communities after build-out of that community; they have maintained control from my understanding for the past 25 years or longer since North Gate and Center Gate were built. 

A Keys Gate Aside:
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed an emergency action charging that a deceased Florida man who once served as President of the South Florida AARP had been running an offshore Ponzi scheme that took in at least $4.6 million from dozens of investors.  In a complaint filed last week, the Commission alleged that Joseph Laurer, a/k/a Dr. Josef V. Laurer, ran the scheme through a company he controlled in the Turks and Caicos until his death on May 15, 2014. 

Laurer was a resident of Homestead, Florida, where he was a member of the City of Homestead's General Employee Pension Board (appointed by Steve Bateman) and he ran Former Mayor Bateman's strong Mayor PAC. Keys Gate has a monthly newsletter. The financial expert chosen by Keys Gate to write investment advice was  - You Guessed It - Dr. Josef V. Laurer.

Genius said: A DRI is so big it is deemed to have impact on our 3 counties: Monroe, Miami Dade County and Broward County. Once they approve it the Regional Planning Council should see that it is working.  Someone needs to bring this DRI before the council of the 3 counties. It has to be fixed as it is impacting the quality of life of these residents. Promises have not been kept.  County Commissioners Jean Monestime,  Xavier Suarez and Juan Zapata are on the Council as are 16 others.


Anonymous said...

Rat-face Rosen gonna run it into the ground.

geri said...

Pardon my lack of understanding but are you saying that the homeowners never insisted that they take over the HOA? Why? What am I missing?

Geniusofdespair said...

They won't give it to the Homeowners they say they need buildout but they are not building they stalled.

Anonymous said...

Dr. von Laurer, was he a PhD, DDS or MD? Another Bateman appointee involved in fraud. It's almost as if Bateman was surrounded by corrupt people. Had aliases, offshore accounts, said all investments were FDIC backed, looks like Bateman hypnotized the council when appointing and hiring his friends to key positions.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't the Homeowners sued the developers demanding they acquire the HOA, it's a breach of contract isn't it?

Anonymous said...

When is the meeting for The Shores?

Anonymous said...

Individual neighborhoods are built out. The master association has reign over more vacant land not yet built out. The declarant has to build out to transfer the HOA rights.
It is a very disjointed situation created specifically to control millions of dollars worth of fees. There could be kickbacks off of contracts nobody knows what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

Laurer is dead. The lawsuit was filed to try to recover some of the stolen money.

Anonymous said...

Poll the Keys Gate residents to see if they would be interested in purchasing the Golf course as a group. With such a large group the investment would be very small. The golf course is important to our community but I'm not interested in financing someones business solely for the right to use his gym and swimming pool. At just $10 per month per home (which I'm sure it will be a lot more than that) we would be GIVING Mr. Rosen $32,000 a month or $384,000 a year. How long do you think it will take to pay off that pool and gym he's offering to build? Maybe a year then the rest of the money is gravy in his pocket. Don't be fooled people, this is highway robbery.