Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Tallahassee, political hack John Thrasher threatens to walk out on opponents to his campaign to be next president of FSU … by gimleteye

John Thrasher has gotten his way for a long time as a power broker in the Tallahassee nether world. It looks like his campaign -- supported by special interests who always backed Thrasher -- has run into a buzz saw of FSU opposition. From way down here in Mia-muh, one has to appreciate the irony.

A lot of angry FSU constituents don't want a back room deal maker as head of a research institution. One FSU supporter wrote of yesterday's confrontation between Thrasher and a public audience, "The creature got petulant when students snickered at his inane non-answers to questions."

Petulant. How do you think Floridians felt when Thrasher outright lied on Florida Hometown Democracy -- a state-wide ballot referendum that attempted to hold developers accountable for the costs to quality of life -- or Everglades restoration, when Trasher led the charge to eliminate decades of water quality law. Thrasher now "regrets" some awful things were said to him by members of the public in Tallahassee, but petulance is not descriptive of what Floridians ought to feel for John Thrasher's career in the state legislature or as a Jeb Bush loyalist.

Why would the FSU Board of Trustees endorse a new president who had already demonstrated his response to criticism is petulance?

This from the Tallahassee Democrat:

"Influential state Sen. John Thrasher, one of four finalists to be Florida State's next president, was met with testy crowds during a forum with faculty today.

A group of graduate assistants heckled Thrasher from the front row of a meeting with faculty at the Turnbull Center.

"Thrasher interview with FSU faculty turning combative. VERY COMBATIVE," tweeted Tampa Bay Times reporter Tia Mitchell. "He just threatened to walk out."

Thrasher was asked about his positions on climate change and evolution. Regarding evolution, Thrasher told faculty he has a "great faith" that guides him, according to Mitchell.

Thrasher is the first of the finalists to go before staff, faculty and students in separate forums today, followed by a reception. All events take place at the Turnbull Center.

Thrasher told the crowd his priorities during his first 100 days as president would be the university's capital campaign, faculty salaries, graduate assistant issues and a listening tour."

Eye On Miami thinks Florida has listened long enough to John Thrasher and the special interests he represents. Check our earlier posts for details.


Anonymous said...

John Trasher seems like just another political hack. FSU can do better. Florida can do better.

Anonymous said...

I think the faculty has made its position clear. The board now must do the wise thing for the viability of the university. There is a lot at stake for the state here. Education in general is preparing for a huge paradigm shift and visionaries are going to be needed to lead the way, not dummy tax-money pimps.

Anonymous said...

Yes, get someone that can navigate the political world in Tallahassee where funding and regulation come from... oh yeah, that would be something Thrasher's expertise...

Anonymous said...

Yes, get someone that can navigate the political world in Tallahassee where funding and regulation come from... oh yeah, that would be Thrasher's expertise...

Anonymous said...

You can simply hire people for those kind of services. But university presidency is much, much, much bigger than that. But small-minded people like you see it that way.