Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Friends of Ludlam Trail Ask You to Please Attend Ludlam Trail Meetings! Guest Post

Reminder: Meetings to Decide Fate of Ludlam Trail:

September 30, 6:30 p.m. Westchester Community Council (10); Ruben Dario Middle School, 350 NW 97 Avenue

October 20, 2 p.m. Planning Advisory Board; County Commission Chamber, 111 NW 1 Street
Email Commissioner Suarez, Commissioner Sosa, and Mayor Gimenez, and let them know we want a linear park and trail!

First Community Council Voted to Transmit with Recommendation of DENIAL! Two more to go!

Friends of the Ludlam Trail urges you to attend one of the upcoming Community Council meetings (listed to the left) where the future of the Ludlam Trail may be in question. FECI is seeking an amendment to the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) that will upzone the land and allow over 2,300 residential units to be built directly on the corridor. If this actually gets built it will have substantial impacts on traffic, community services, and the environment.

Despite seeking a significant bonus to their development capacity, there has been NO public planning process, nor has any plan been presented publicly that explains the project!

The proposal leaves many questions in the minds of FOLT members. What happened to the rail-to-trail and linear park that was proposed by Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Department? How can the land be rezoned with no master plan or public process? Review the proposal by following this link and let us know what you think.  190 pages...really!

GENIUS SAID: I think it is great, but I am not going to read 190 pages, I am just going by those I know who are supporting it.


outofsight said...

It is amazing that promises are always broken. How much did the parks planning sessions cost the county?

Covenants and planning documents mean nothing to the commissioners and mayor, so when staff works to get something accomplished that makes sense for the community, they get passed on and their work gets tossed. It's got to be disheartening.

Anonymous said...

This is all about promoting urban infill through a public-private partnership.

The property consists of a 6.2 mile long, 100 foot-wide ribbon of land covering 74 acres.

The plan currently allows 1,345 residential units and 256,132 sf of industrial uses. This action would permit 2,345 residential units or a combination of 1,697 residential units, 118,146 sf of offices, 256,132 sf of industrial uses and 39,377 of retail uses.

I must be naive. Before reading the the details, I figured this was only about creating a walking/biking trail, not densification.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things wrong with this application...

This is definitely NOT about a trail, but about FECI doubling their zoning capacity (and trying to mask it as'urban infill').

Anonymous said...