Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Lynda Bell Feud. By Geniusofdespair

Elaine Navarre was a bit daffy but she was a driven woman. I spoke to her a few times. She claimed she financed her boyfriend, Harlin J. Collins, Action Plumbing to the tune of about $60,000. Action Plumbing employed Lynda Bell's husband who never had a plumbing license according to County officials. He was a helper. Apparently while she was with Collins, Navarre and Bell were friends. Elaine claimed the Action Plumbing truck was financed by herself. They (Harlin and Elaine) got a mortgage in 2008 on their home. (it was her house before she quit claimed deeded it to include Collins). It irked her to see the truck she claimed she paid for, always at the Bell owned, Redland hotel. She claimed Bell was on disability at the time.

Elaine is dead now, she died in November. I wish I had her file, it was overflowing. She told me Lynda Bell, who lived around the block, would pass in front of her house all the time even thought they had restraining orders in place. I went to a trial where Lynda Bell was seeking a restraining order from Navarre. Navarre, representing herself, made a mess of the case. She didn't know what she was doing and she soon raised the ire of the judge. After talking to Navarre, I think Lynda did harass her. There were lawsuits going back and forth between them. Lynda called code enforcement and reported Elaine for having two Gene Flinn signs on her lawn according to Elaine. I think they both participated in the feud. Read my August 31st 2012 post about her. Lynda Bell was seeking a protective order from Navarre.

From Court records against Harlin Collins, apparently she was being fleeced by someone. She made a quit claim deed to Harlin Collins of her home in 2006, during better times.
Elaine, 1/5/2010 was involved in a domestic violence suit with Mark Bell and a separate one with Harlan Collins. She was the petitioner. 1/8/2010 she was involved in a domestic violence suit with Lynda Bell, again she was the petitioner. Bell also filed one against Elaine. Elaine told me Lynda was evil and harassing her all the time. I don't know if that is true.

Elaine died fighting lawsuits. Such a sad way to die, seeking revenge. Anyone got the scoop? Maybe she wasn't so crazy after all, maybe she was a woman scorned. Harlin Collins is still an owner of the house and it looks like he will inherit it. There is more to this story but I don't know it. Navarre does have a criminal record and Collins was granted a protective order from her that was later vacated. Any friends of Elaine out there?


Anonymous said...

Interesting story. Hope someone in the know steps up and spills the beans.

Anonymous said...

Bell did make reference to her husband as a plumber at a County commission meeting. I remember she was waving around a piece of paper bitching about some County plumber or electrician who had made around $60,000 last year. She did one of her famous "in my family" rants. Said her husband was a plumber never made that kind of money plus he'd been laid off. I remember thinking somethings fishy about her story. good plumbers are seldom out of work and a licensed plumbing contractor in Dade County can clear $60 grand easy. I wondered what his story was but I couldn't find Mark's license on county web site and forgot about it.
So it turns out Linda was spinning a tall tale of half truths. Surprise surprise!

Anonymous said...

Honey Boo Boo its time to go..back to Petticoat Junction(Redland Hotel)

Anonymous said...

I thought Mr. Bell was the owner of Actin Plumbing Co., Now I read he was a plumbers helper. The stress of all this probably was too much for Elaine and may have contributed to her early death. This is so sad.
I had no idea Mrs. Bell has caused so much trouble and problems for people. Whenever, death is involved during a dispute its a dangerous situation not knowing the health of others.

My family and I will be voting for Mrs. Cava.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mr. Bell was the owner of Actin Plumbing Co., Now I read he was a plumbers helper. The stress of all this probably was too much for Elaine and may have contributed to her early death. This is so sad.
I had no idea Mrs. Bell has caused so much trouble and problems for people. Whenever, death is involved during a dispute its a dangerous situation not knowing the health of others.

My family and I will be voting for Mrs. Cava.

Local Yokel said...

Lynda Bell is a very disagreeable person who takes the term "two-faced" to a new level, which makes her an ideal politician. She's driven by pressure and a loose-fitting political philosophy; rather than carefully constructed ideology. If Ms. Levine Cava was a moderate, this commission race would be over already. The only reason the race is up for grabs is because Ms. Levine Cava is just as extreme, but to the left. What a crappy choice.

Anonymous said...

Two money pits in Homestead that claim historical significance, Redland Hotel and Seminole Theater. Both have been the recipients of a crapload of public money. Now the City of Homestead is trying to figure out what to do with a bowling alley. If it wasn't so real, I would think I was watching a sequel of The Big Lebowski.

Lois Jones said...

I disagree with Anon above.

Yes, Homestead has been a joke for a lot of years. But with the new leadership, the City is finally taking a turn to deliver what is best for Homestead.

Rome was not built in a day and they have to start somewhere, which they are doing. Give them a chance and I can assure you they will not disappoint.

It is a historical fact that any city without a cultural center will never survive to any degree of relevancy. The same for a decent police station. This is where the City has started. Construction (bringing jobs to Homestead) is about to begin on the police station and the Seminole, I am hoping, will start soon.

These two projects are vital to the City. But the plans for the City don’t stop there.

There are several projects in the works. One important plan is to make Homestead a tourist destination which will not only bring funds in a strapped situation this mayor inherited, but businesses relating to tourism such as restaurants and a host of other retail businesses.

The City has already been focusing on our parks such as the Everglades, where free City transportation is available during the relevant months into the core of the park. This has already been a huge winner.These buses are packed.

There is also the well-designed bicycle trail in Biscayne Park. I strongly suggest that if you are interested call Parks and Recreation for more information.

No, I am not a City employee. I have lived in Homestead since 2001 and have been one of the biggest critics of the City. But now I am singing its praises because our new Mayor, Jeff Porter has taken the challenge to make Homestead a City we can all be proud of and the work has started.

Not to be ignored is one of the brightest and most capable City Managers in South Florida, George Gretsas. Mr. Gretsas is a visionary and coupled with overwhelming support of the entire council and a host of residents, good things are coming to Homestead.

So, check it out. Call the City to discover what their plans are and join those of us residents who are joining with the City of Homestead to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

As long as Lois Jones has been allowed to go off point, I will too. Ms. Jones, your praises of Porter and company ring hollow. You were the number one hatchet woman writing nasty letters for Lynda Bell against Porter and Losner in the '07 Mayors race. You helped her get elected to the County Commission and even she could not allow your nastiness to remain in her office; you were hired by her as a County employee. You simply go where the political wind blows and you can't run or hide from your steadfast loyalty to Bell. The Seminole Theater is a joke and is nothing but a money pit supported by the Homestead Council liberals you oppose in principal.

Anonymous said...

The culture of Homestead is like a petri dish of the ebola virus.

Ground zero of the housing bust.
Ground zero for political corruption.
Ground zero for mortgage fraud. Ground zero for medicare fraud.
Ground zero for police corruption.
Ground zero for nonprofits corruption.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon two posts above:
I know Lois Jones very well and, therefore, I won’t belittle myself responding in kind.

Discovering honesty and integrity in politics is a wonderful thing and that is what we now have in the City of Homestead.

Politics bring changes for anyone who takes their future seriously and when that change is positive it should be honored. And it should not prompt one to lie. Lois never wrote “nastiness” about Porter or any other person. That is not her style. If she wrote anything it would be factual and thought-provoking. Nastiness denotes something ugly and degrading in the author and Lois Jones is anything but.

Lois did not go off point as you declare. If you read both posts correctly you would know that.

In Homestead we all see the signs of vast improvement because of our mayor, council and a professional staff and we are very excited. That you would turn something positive into such negativity tells me all one needs to know about you.

Hating is self-destructive and holding onto hatred makes you let go of everything else. It robs you of intelligent rationalization and it eats away at your soul. It makes you lie and it eventually brings pain. It also makes you invisible.

I wish you well.