Sunday, August 03, 2014

FPL permitting and the cooling canal system: it's getting hot in here! … by gimleteye

Last week the Federal Register included a notice by the NRC, a "finding of no significant impact" for Turkey Point pursuant to the FPL request to allow the increase in cooling canal water from 100 degrees to 104 degrees.

If you have a temperature of 104 degrees for long, you are headed to the hospital. But for the Turkey Point and the endangered crocodiles who live there, it's no big deal.

Dumping tons of hydrogen peroxide and copper sulfate in the cooling canals: that's another story but no one seems to be worrying much about that either. The hydrogen peroxide is to kill the VERY nasty bacteria that are taking up in the cooling canal system. The copper sulfate is to kill the algae that is choking the canal system and causing some mission criticality in the upstream reactors.

Remember, these are forty year reactors that were recently "uprated" to produce more power.

Thanks to Gov. Rick Scott and Cabinet, FPL is on its way to the NRC for a license to build two new reactors, Unit Six And Unit Seven. This would make Turkey Point the largest nuclear power generating plant in the United States once the reactors are built right in the path of climate change and sea level rise. And as for the existing reactors and a desperate problem of a failed cooling canal system, well Gov. Scott and the governing board of the water management district are getting ready to wash their hands of that.

There seems no common sense to infiltrate the decision making, either in Tallahassee or Washington DC, when there is so much money at stake. $20 billion for the new reactors. BILLION. You see, common sense doesn't go hand-in-hand with permitting the way deadly bacteria do with algae blooms.


Anonymous said...

Politicians deliver what voters demand.

In the absence of voter demand, special interests flourish like rodents in unattended garbage.

Until voters wake up, we informed must live in the world of 'Sugared Nukes'.

If all of the informed grabbed 3 passive uninformed and woke them up, this corporate cronyism would end.

Anonymous said...

First anonymous: how do you propose to wake up the uninformed?

Anonymous said...

So, are we to gain slow roasted crocodiles as a side benefit to power production?
Seriously, This cooling canal system fiasco has many shaking their head. How could it come to that? Well, I just finished reading the "no debt college" article in the Mia Herald. There are graduates SHOCKED, SHOCKED at finding out a 100 thousand $ loan means having payments of $500 per Month! With maybe no job jet. Yes, College graduates that eventually take positions in places like.... Nuclear Power Stations or politics.

I've always been impressed by professional people that can give you a over the elbow estimate of how a business or machine or real estate deal is to perform give or take may be 10%. Its that stepped back approach looking at the driving forces of a deal or setup that's so valuable in coming to reasonable conclusions.

Anonymous said...

When that thing cooks off, we'll be dining on roast gator and Crème Brulee.