Sunday, August 24, 2014

District 8 voters: why you must vote for Daniella Levine Cava … by gimleteye

The news is filled with predictions of low voter turnout, but there are excellent and compelling reasons TO VOTE on Tuesday if you haven't already.

1) To vote is to protest the mudslinging and lies whose purpose is to inhibit your free choice.

2) In District 8 there is one candidate for county commission whose experience and qualifications meet high standards for public office: Daniella Levine Cava.

3) Your vote in District 8 for Daniella Levine Cava will deliver a message to Mayor Carlos Gimenez: ignore the voters at your peril.

4) Your vote for Daniella Levine Cave is a vote to protect your families and quality of life.

5) Democracy doesn't happen on its own. Use the promise or lose the hope.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention with the race too close to call and Bell won the seat last time with less than 400 votes out of 20,000.. the race could be decided by 200 voters going one way or another.

Given Bell is the swing vote on the veto proof extreme right wing of the BCC and all the other seats are safe for the foreseeable future

Which means this race decides the future direction for 2.5 million residents.

Seldom have so few voters controlled so much influence.

Anonymous said...

I concur. And the dirty politics has taken its toll with Bell and her questionable TEA party operative JC Planas. They've stooped lower than low. We so desperately need an honest individual and that's why me, my family , friends and the entire neighborhood are voting for Daniella!

Cato II said...

The ironic thing is that 4 years ago, JC Planas was representing Gene Flinn and was on track to file an election contest, trying to get all of the absentee ballots tossed out. It was never filed. Fast forward to today, and JC Planas is Lynda Bell's attorney.

Anonymous said...

I went out canvassing for Daniella Levine Cava on Saturday. My partner and I were armed with our walk list and door hangers and copies of the Herald endorsement in English and Spanish. Our territory was the Redland. We did not see a single undefaced Lynda Bell sign. (And only a few of those.) A local teen told me that was done by residents who were angry at Bell for supporting an intensive development in an agricultural area. None of the residents we spoke to, including some MacDougall supporters with signs in their yards, said they were voting for Lynda Bell. Think of it. In the heart of what is considered Lynda's home turf, she had no visible support. They all remembered her as the Homestead Mayor and how she tried to get her plumber's helper Mark elected to her old office. But none of them had anything good to say about her.

Anonymous said...

Money talks and BS walks!

Anonymous said...

JC Planas will be kissing ass when Bell loses. 2 days left. cant wait

Anonymous said...

Actually she won by 300 and something out of over 43,000 votes cast

Anonymous said...

In July 2014 Lynda Bell voted to give away a County waterfront park valued at $400 MIllion to bunch of connected insiders. The insiders admitted they were all broke.
Bell never demanded a RFP.

Anonymous said...

I got the latest and most disgusting campaign flyer yesterday. It says that Daniella "used tax dollars to promote Obamacare." I hope Bell gets her ass kicked so hard that she lands in some Bible-thumping Tea Party town in South Carolina. Go away, you stupid bitch.

Anonymous said...

Why is the only comments that make through the filters are the hateful comments made toward Bell?

Anonymous said...

You know what? JC Planas did a half-ass job for Eugene Flinn. He wasn't into Flinn beating a republican.

Eugene would have been a solid commissioner,and the sad part is, the winner of the race was who she was and won the way she did.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous is wondering about hateful comments:

THERE is nothing more hateful than the mailers Bell's PACs put out. In fact, as a long time republican and political do-gooder, I could not work for Lynda Bell when I realized she put out mailers that were not just mis-speaks BUT out right lies. And this was more than one mailer.

Sending out a flyer that says Cava delivered the Marlins stadium is beyond a lie -- It is a miracle, something that many politicians had to fight the public to do. If this is true, why are Lynda's campaign supporters stadium beneficiaries? Why is Cava's reports void of the lobbyists should be grateful for her miracle ability to give them the deal?

I don't call people liars very often, but Bell has lied so many times that I am stunned.

Unfortunately, busy people tend to believe the pr spins, because they are easier to ingest (Cliff notes version) than doing the long version o the truth.

Cava was a non-profit director just like so many of us are. If she had that sort of power, then we didn't need the Mayor x2, the commissioners, and a zillion well-heeled lobbyists. (Hmmm, who was sitting on the dias when the deal was brokered? Did you say, Bell?)

Anonymous said...

Bruno Barrerio made the Motion to Approve the Marlins Scam. With then Chair Dennis Moss's help Barrerio refused all proposed amendments to make the Scam less criminal. Carlos Gimenez and Sally Heyman and Katy Sorenson tried to get Barrerio and Moss to less horrific to the taxpayers but they refused. Manny Diaz, Pete Hernadez and Larry Spring are still being investigated by the SEC over their roles in the crime. Marc Sarnoff voted to let the scam go to the County for its inevitable approval.

Anonymous said...

(Hmmm, who was sitting on the dias when the deal was brokered? Did you say, Bell?)
Lynda Bell was not a commissioner at the time that the marlins stadium deal was approved.

Anonymous said...

Katy Sorenson was the Dist 8 Commissioner when the Marlins Scam was approved. Sorenson was a strong NO. Bell voted to give Parcel B to a small broke cabal of ancient Cubans. (Oh, Parcel B is worth $350 Mil or more...).