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County Commissioner Lynda Bell Dog Lover? Police Dogs Left to Frolic in Her Backyard? By Geniusofdespair

Blast From the past:
Two Sweetwater Police dogs hanging out in the shade of  K-9 Officer Jenna Mendez's (Lynda Bell's Daughter) trailer also in Lynda Bell's backyard. (Jenna also owns a fence company -- that does business in Sweetwater also registered at this address). It is illegal to have people living in a trailer in your yard, so I am told, but of course this is Homestead, so Lynda's daughter couldn't possibly be living there almost a year, something would have been done by code enforcement if she were Don't you think?  The Bloodhound Gunner was donated by the Jimmy Ryce Center for victims of predators. Gunner was missing for awhile but was later found. The other dog is Lana.

Captain Ignacio Menocal of Sweetwater said he found a bark collar inside Jenna Bell's vehicle, Aside from that the vehicle was clean and the dog was playful. You get extra pay to house the police dogs. (Jenna is now on light duty as she is pregnant.)

I spoke to a K-9 Officer from Aventura on February 12th who had her dog with her. She said all the dogs in Aventura's K-9 unit live with the officers inside their homes. They do not use shock collars and when I showed the officer the picture of how the dogs are kept at Lynda Bell's house she was pretty much shocked. She said "I guess every city does it their own way." I talked to a City of Miami K-9 officer on Feb. 16. He said his children are afraid of his dog so he keeps it outside his house like the Bell's do except without the folding chairs on the ground. I asked him if he uses a shock collar? "He said why would I use a shock collar? What would be the purpose? He said there is no reason." I told him that the Aventura police officer keeps hers in the house. He said his dog is vicious and trained to kill. He didn't appear to like his dog that much. He called him a killer dog. The Aventura officer really, really liked her dog, playing with him or her as we talked.

Note the overturned white water bucket. Note the water dish in the small black cage. Note the folding chairs. What for? Someone too lazy to clean up the dog's area?  One neighbor said the 2 Police dogs barked day and night but the shock collars helped. A neighbor said: "I do have pictures of Gunner locked in small cage (seen open here) that he is been put in frequently and in my opinion for way too long during the day. Not every day infrequently mind you. But still much too small of an enclosure." What is all that debris around the edge of the cages? Does anyone sweep over there?  I was told some police dogs are put in cages while they feed.

I spoke to Jenna Bell's Boss Captain Rolando Perez of the Sweetwater Police Department Feb. 18th. He said he talked to all the neighbors in the area and none had complaints about the police dogs kept at the Bell House except 1 (Maybe they are all afraid of retribution or intimidated by a Sweetwater officer in Homestead). Perez had no problem with the way the dogs were kept in the backyard. He said it was clear of feces. He said the small black cage was for feeding purposes only, disputing the neighbor's observations. Sweetwater's Police Department stands by its K9 Officer Jenna Mendez 100%. The Police Chief Jesus Menocal did a good job of covering the bases even providing both dogs with a vet visit - both were in good health. Funny aside, I told Captain Perez I spoke to Jesus Menocal (I said Hey-Sus. He said "I don't know him." I said he is your police chief. He said, oh, I didn't know his first name.

One of the neighbors said: "Gunner at many times is confined in cage barely suited for travel based on size. They are never with human companionship and after numerous complaints they applied SHOCK collars that accordingly are on HIGH. Sounds it as they wail. Dogs are at residence always. There is a male at home who has habit of screaming and kicking cage when someone finally gets upset at residence enough to address issue." Wasn't Mark Bell, Lynda Bell's husband, arrested for some kind of problem with his dog 1/20/77 - he was convicted and paid a fine. Curiously he doesn't remember what he did.

The neighbor told me recently that things have much improved over there at the Bell home. Maybe my ongoing investigation prompted some changes and improved human behavior.

There does not appear to be any policy from department to department in Miami Dade County on police dog care and I don't think these dogs are being abused (unless shock collars are abuse - I do not know) however Lynda Bell's yard is slovenly in my opinion. Captain Perez mentioned the folding chairs Feb. 18th and that is 4 months since the photos were taken. Clean up the area please and get rid of the damn folding chairs dog lover LYNDA BELL, they don't need to sit down!!

From Lynda Bell's website (she has/had 5 dogs at her home????) In that backyard?

From Lynda Bell's Website


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Are Miami Dade County Neighborhood Compliance enforcement officers Stalkers too??

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This is getting a little overboard…don’t you think??

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and yet you're both reading this blog and taking the time to write comments...joke's on who?

The Eye is doing what no other outlet is doing - exposing the smaller stuff that doesn't bleed so it doesn't lead. Only, it's a compilation of the small stuff that chips away at our communities. Broken windows - disregard for animals - use of position to bend codes.

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So, from personal to political stump speeches. After seeing three debates up close and in person, I wondered why the last minute puppy mill ordinance? It's mentioned multiple times by Commissioner Bell.

So, what better way to contradict a nasty, knife in the back to the Pet's Trust vote in July 2013, than to help puppies? Help them in a way that seems to help, without creating any waves with any companies or any veterinarians because it is ineffectual and made up.

Mayor Gimenez is very much into the word "efficiency." Yet, there is no efficiency in this phony bureaucratic layer?

So sayeth the Cat Network:

"On September 4, the Miami Dade County Board of County Commissioners will have a final reading and vote on the proposed "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Ordinance." Many of us local animal welfare advocates are deeply concerned that this proposed legislation is misleading, and may in fact lead to more imports and sales of puppies from puppy mills. If residents are led to believe that stores can no longer sell animals obtained from puppy mills, sales from the over 50 pet stores in Miami-Dade, who source their animals from large scale puppy mills will likely increase.

The proposed changes to our existing ordinances will provide no greater protection or assurance that animals are not coming from mills, as it will be impossible to enforce conditions at the breeding suppliers who are outside Miami Dade County. We already have ordinances that require a certificate of veterinary inspection, microchipping, vaccinating and deworming, yet even these current requirements are not enforced as Animal Services does not have the resources to address inappropriate sales. How many times have we seen people selling puppies from the trunk of their cars?

The only effective method of preventing animals from puppy mills from entering our community would be a ban on retail sales of commercially bred animals. Over 50 municipalities throughout the United States, including 25 in Florida have passed retail bans.

While this is an opportunity to strengthen some areas of our existing ordinances, calling this "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention" is inaccurate and dangerous.

Please share with everyone in Miami-Dade County to get the word out. Please attend the Commission Meeting on September 4 at 9:30 a.m., thank the commissioners for their efforts to enhance existing protections but tell them they must delete any reference to puppy mill cruelty prevention. WE NEED TO FILL THE AUDITORIUM WITH ANIMAL WELFARE ADVOCATES or even more animals will suffer.

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The AKC (American Kennel Club) also has some very lengthy objections to this ordinance as it will further restrict operations of reputable, licensed small breeders in this County. The people who sell sick puppy's on the side of the road will still be around though and people will continue to import puppy's from the Caribbean bringing in all sorts of other problems.

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Lynda never took the time to even pet one of these dogs until her husband was labeled an animal abuser during their failed attempted take over the City of Homestead in his failed campaign to be Mayor. When it was time to do damage control she attached herself to an animal rescue group in Palmetto Bay.

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creepy....this blog is

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Belll =trash

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who lives like this?