Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ana Aliegro flips, Rick Scott dips … by gimleteye

Monday was a good day for Eye On Miami. Two issues we've hammered, yielded results.

Gov. Rick Scott finally met with climate change scientists, ever so slightly dipping his finger into the biggest crisis facing Florida. Scott is the most tone-deaf governor in Florida history -- a more compliant servant of the state's powerful electric utilities was never elected -- , and the very idea that Scott waited until an election should tell independent voters Rick Scott doesn't deserve a second term.

So there: it happened. Climate change scientists from Florida universities said it was "fantastic!" that the governor even deigned to meet with them. Poor Florida voters, so ill served by ruling party and their leadership.

On another front, news arrives that self-described Republican bad girl Ana Aliegro flipped: admitting that former Congressman David Rivera was her co-conspirator in federal election fraud.

It's no fun in a federal jail. The hours grind. The days wear on. But props to Aliegro. She held out for her boyz. Her story entertained us for 2013 and reader comments on her possible whereabouts while she was on the lam made Eye On Miami a popular destination. We'd like to sit down with you, Ana, when this is all behind you.

Ana did a solid and was going to take the hit for her Republican team until the romance of a long jail term wore off. In the meantime, Rivera was engaged in a maniacal effort to be re-elected to Congress. If there was ever a more bizarre story than Rivera's; to use the limelight of a political campaign to soften the blow of a criminal trial, surrounded by hanger-ons living their own alternate realities, let Eye On Miami know. Rivera's not answering our calls.

Both stories point in another popular directions: US Senator Marco Rubio.

We have repeatedly pointed out to readers that Rubio also never met with climate scientists. Being part of the climate denial cabal in the US Senate was a risk Rubio balances against the favor of the extremist base of the GOP.

Now that Gov. Scott has met with scientists, how much longer can Florida's Republican senator hold out?

We can't wait for Marco Rubio to be just another flip-flopper on climate change. Speaking of flipping, we speculated that Ana Aliegro was holding out because she knows a lot. Her trail leads from the disgraced former Congressman to the disgraced former Congressman's Tallahassee room-mate, Marco Rubio.

Facing jail time, Rivera could cut a deal with federal prosecutors for spilling the beans on political corruption, implicating his buddy from West Miami-Dade.

Republicans, while you think about that tantalizing possibility, don't forget to vote Democrat!


Anonymous said...

What are the odds David Rivera will dish dirt on little Marco Rubio, from West Miami, to get his prison sentence reduced? What are the odds Ana already dished dirt on Rubio?

Anonymous said...

The odds are bad. And, David will not go to jail he will get Carhart and Kuehne the pair who got Pizzi off.

Caffeine Clicks said...

Marco Rubio is guaranteed to flip on climate change, it's only just a matter of time if he's planning any kind of future in politics in Florida. They understand necessity of evolution, it just happens much, much slower.

Anonymous said...

Clicks that is funny! My laugh for the day. We have been observing Ana's journey for a while now. But EOM viewers predicted this new happening. As the saga continues, we await the next chapter to unfold.

Caffeine Clicks said...

Believe me I am no fan of Rubio and have little faith in his mental competency. I have honestly never heard him say anything of value. Ever. My argument is his ambitions outweigh his convictions and he's a flipper.

Anonymous said...

In the most bizarre event of the tour, Miami City Commissioner "Marc Sarnoff, a Democrat, claimed Scott’s environmental record rivaled Teddy Roosevelt’s. While Teddy is turning in his grave, I’m certain his stellar environmental record remains unmatched"

Read more here:

Caffeine Clicks said...

Rick Scott is hopeless.

"Well, for the first time since taking off Gov. Rick Scott actually had a brief meeting with some of the state's leading climate change scientists yesterday. It lasted all of 30 minutes.

And all Scott really wanted to know is if the scientist's students had gotten jobs."

Anonymous said...

You know, there are some Democrats who are looking for money, policies that will give them money, or deals that will give them money. When you see them supporting Scott, you know who they are.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff is the same guy who told people his grandfather was David Sarnoff the founder of RCA. Liar liar pants on fire.

Anonymous said...

Yet, even as we speak, people are voting for David Rivera.

Anonymous said...

On the upside, at least we know "Where's Ana" Camp Fed! I'm still laughing over this entire story two years later. It is truly only in Miami. Wonder where Rubio is hiding. I haven't seen him making the campaign rounds on the networks recently.

Anonymous said...

Ana has something on Rivera. Rivera has something on Rubio.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds David Riveria will get jail time? Are there statue of limitation deadlines?