Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stephen Cody Scores With Another Lynda Bell Video. Guest Blog Stephen Cody

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Geniusofdespair said...

Stephen Cody clearly has a gift in producing these short videos. They are humorous and are chock full of information, all in under 60 seconds. This is his third one.

I can tell from TRYING to do these they are not easy. He pokes fun with a message. Maybe lawyering isn't your thing Cody.

Anonymous said...

She loves the perks of office. Ask about when she was Mayor, how her Caddy was always clean and shiny on the city dime, done with a Homestead voucher at Captain Car Wash. When she went to court with Elaine Navarre, she was driven by a Homestead cop and just before that, while out of town,a cop car was parked outside her house for protection. How do the rest of us sign up some some of that sugar ? A street light was installed in front of her daughters rental house when most of hte rest of the lights on that street were on the other side. Corruption is corruption at any dollar level.

Anonymous said...

I Just love these videos they make my day. Keep em coming Stephen. This is GREAT!!

Vote Daniella Cava on August 26. So I can take this paper bag off my head for living in District 8 and putting up with Lynda Bell. Daniella for District 8 Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Awesome vid. Vote Cava!

DIVINE said...

Next time show us your John Waters side Stephen..... think Polyester or Pink Flamingos

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Love it, 3 year legislative history summed up in 60 seconds.\and apparently she has also realized she's a little light where it counts hence her 11th hour Puppy Mill Bill last week. Or maybe not.

From her county web page;

“We must make Miami-Dade County a more humane County, and we can’t let dollars be our guiding principle when it comes to how we treat our animals,” Vice Chair Bell said at a press conference to announce the ordinance’s passage in committee. “This is the first big bite we’re taking against animal cruelty – a step in the right direction.”

Im not kidding, this isn't Cody parody but it is hilarious. Bad enough she sending out press releases announcing something as mundane as a bill out of committee but a press release celebrating she thinks money is no object when it comes to puppy dogs and bad puns? This just a week before the budget where she's announce she will not vote for a tax increase? A budget with everything from CBOs to police being cut? What is she thinking?

The only thing this is going to take a big bite out of is her tiny legacy.

Bye Bye Bell.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell voted to give away a $300 Mil piece of Miami's waterfront. She voted to give it away on a No-Bid basis to a couple of ancient retired Cubans who admitted they were broke.

Anonymous said...

Parcel B. Yup. Lynda Bell voted to give Parcel B away without asking for any bids.