Thursday, July 31, 2014

Question for South Dade Matters Blog. Guest Blog By Palmetto Bay Resident

Inquiring minds want to know....

Shelley Stanczyk can't even sneeze without South Dade Matters covering her. You have been a tremendous watchdog.  However NOT ONE WORD about the fire station and the change of zoning of the property for condo's. Not one word that the notice was printed in the Business Review and not the Miami Herald to try to hide it. Not one word about John Dubois recusing himself to give testimony. Wasn't this a Comprehensive Master Development Plan (CDMP) change? That is a mighty big deal to a community. Some people said they were not notified that live close by.  I would think you would report that. You guys and gals report everything. You reported what wasn't done at that meeting (Palmer Trinity), but not what WAS done. Why? And no Shelley problems to report?

The biggest story in Palmetto Bay and  an opportunity to bash Shelly for pushing the item so fervently (she sounded liked the developers attorney) and you don't report it? Sunshine violations galore, and nothing from South Dade Matters. What's up do you have a stake in the deal with Terremark Development?  I am dependent on you to be my watchdog South Dade Matters, what happened? Your silence troubles me.

GENIUS Talking: Even though South Dade Matters is not talking, Eugene Flinn is and I think he is asking the right questions:

The Palmetto Bay Village Center proposal: 

When is the timing right to disclose to the public?


I will have more to say about this, but as I continue to investigate, it does not escape notice that the Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler (CCOCI) have not spoken up either in support or against this plan.  I have texted the CCOCI president and asked to speak with him.

This issue is more than whether you approve or object of the proposed 41 homes. There is a serious issue in regard to the process or lack of public process that ultimately brought this issue to the public hearing.

Read more.... Hit on Former Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn's link