Monday, July 21, 2014

Palmetto Bay Tonight: What is up? Here is the Background.

Eugene Flinn: running for Mayor of Palmetto Bay in  Field of 4 Candidates
Two Palmetto Bay zoning resolutions regarding the PBVC fire stations are provided here via link.  Not the fact that all 1985 covenant and restrictions were provided for (pages 2 and 3) of zoning Palmetto Bay Resollution 9-40)

April 12, 2007

April 13, 2009

Thanks for your help in locating these links at our request - Eugene Flinn - so people have the background of what the Council is doing tonight, and what was the history that they might not be doing. 


Anonymous said...

Eugene always does his homework.

As an Old Cutler resident, our neighborhoods are getting sandwiched between Palmer's growth and the Village Center's growth request. When they set prescient at PBVC, then there are other owners along Old Cutler road that will be requesting up zoning. Where will the traffic go?

Anonymous said...

Growth is inevitable. I remember after Hurricane Andrew, nothing existed east of Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay up to Saga Bay and nothing behind the strip mall and rehabilitation center. Cutler Bay has allowed so much growth increasing traffic and Cutler Bay's tax base. I believe PBVC has changed owners recently and the new owners want to develop the area. This is very small in comparison to Cutler Bay's growth. Why didn't anyone stop Cutler Bay from overdevelopment?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I read the packet and the covenant wasn't broken as the buffer along Old Cutler will remain. That's the main complaint on the covenant. He kept telling people that it was being broken.
However, I did notice that the Park and Rec label was put in place under Flinn. Since the designation of Parks and Rec stopped the land owner from developing but the zoning allowed development that equates to a TAKING if it's not approved!
That's a Bert Harris Claim. Flinn
is once again getting the Village in line for another lawsuit like he did when he denied the zoning on Palmer.

He got everybody there and worked up but hardly said a word. Why? He created the problem and telling anyone about is acknowledges that the Village could be sued. He's just pissed because Shelley will get the fire Stations done that he couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Really!? Is he trying to say he got the fire station back in 2009? Still not built, still no land purchased for it. Pathetic to even put the resolutions on this blog. Have some pride man!

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Mayor Shelley. She sure does hate trees and loves her donors, doesn't she.

I have never seen an elected official so angry and so ready to circumvent the rules to please her puppet masters. There was not a single person there to speak in favor of changing Parks and Recreation to 41 single family homes on 22 acres - except Mayor Stanczyk.

Save our Palmetto Bay!

Geniusofdespair said...

Fuck Bert Harris. Stop living in fear of what might be and do the right thing and let the chips then fall as they may.

Anonymous said...

The covenant is indeed being broken, but in a very "lawyerly" way. I believe that may be what former Mayor Flynn wants village residents to realize. The new promised 50 foot buffer is not only arbitrary and capricous, but is not nearly wide enough to block views (the current forest is more than 600 feet wide in some areas). That is the trick. Once the new zoning is in place with this new standard of 50 feet, it will now be legal when all the new and old development is visible from the neighborhoods to the west and it will be legal to clear 550 feet of the 600 foot wide forest in the wider areas. And then the Village won't be able to do anything. By design of course.

Anonymous said...

Bingo! You figured it out, although you spelled "capricious" incorrectly. But you have it exactly right. Also, watch what happens. While people are arguing about whether or not the covenant is being broken, the zoning change will be granted by this distraction. That is the real prize. Once you have the zoning in place that allows for development, nothing can stop them from clearing everything but the narrow strip along Old Cutler. And that is where the forest is crappy with exotics; all the endangered plants are located outside this strip per the IRC biologists.