Sunday, July 20, 2014

Metrorail Fare Increase: Setting it straight in District 8. By Guest Blogger Stephen Cody


Anonymous said...

How soon we forget.

Remember this story? Lynda rode the public indication over this county policy into office.

"On May 23, 2010 the Herald wrote that the mayor and commissioners were keeping the perk of taxpayer-subsidized luxury cars although they were slashing more than $400 million in spending. Among those cars were Gimenez's 2009 Mercedes Benz ML 350, and Alvarez's BMW 550i Gran Turismo. That was in addition, the Herald reported, to two county-owned Chevy Suburbans and two drivers Alvarez had access to."

He we are 4 years later, still cutting million in services and same generous policy still in effect.

The "perk" is a $800 month car allowance. If commissioners want to lease a more expensive ride, they pay for the overage (the BMWs are gone but a few Benz's are still leased)

BUT if a commissioner walks across the street to the county motor pool on 2nd ave and picks up a county car to use they can quietly pocket the $800/month.

Anonymous said...

Wrong! Horrible video. Everyone knows the vote that took place this week had nothing to do with raising metrorail, metro bus, or STS fares. It was on property taxes! Budget has not been was a preliminary budget that was released by the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lynda, live by the sword...

Yes we know the transit hikes are only proposed in the budget so Carlos can go on spanish radio and rail against the public employees.

His position is "This is the worst case scenario if labor does not agree to pay cuts and give backs then this [regressive tax] is on them"

But you could have carved it out last Tuesday just like the library issue so now you're going to have to defend your vote.

BTW great bargaining strategy, weekly stream of stories of ridiculous salaries, sweetheart deals, fraud, waste, mismanagement all under the current administration and you continue to blame your four year budget crisis on the help.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw the video of the Budget hearings.

Neither Bell or Zapata or any other Commissioner voted to raise transit fees on anything. It was to set the millage rate.

I don't know who this guy Cody is, but this video is just a lie. Oh yea, and our taxes will be going up to fund the libraries.

Isn't that one of the items the Democrats wanted? Cause Bell DID vote for that!

Nothing in this video is correct. GOD, you should know better.

Anonymous said...

Great Video!!!!!!!!!!! Keep em coming. True or Not it will be true if Lynda Bell is reelected.

Vote Daniella Cava on August 26, or absentee ballot if you cannot get to the polls. Do not forget early voting.

Anonymous said...

Bell and Cava debate on July 28 in Homestead. Time and Place? Would someone provided more information.