Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is Farm Share Food Being Wasted? Food found rotting after the LYNDA BELL event where she had a melt-down. Guest Blog by Youbetcha

Farm share food rotting. Was it really about distributing food (you had to register) or about getting votes:

These Farm Share Photos were taken at the South Dade Government Center.

Lynda Bell had one of her famous food giveaways on Saturday, July 19, at the South Dade Government Center. Unfortunately, she can't stop talking about it. So, far she has mentioned it at two public campaign debates and in one campaign email.

Food giveaways are not new, Lynda has done them before. Many other politicians at the county take advantage of the local food banks to build voter affection. Of course, the timing of her event (and the other events she has been having) is questionable. The best time for food giveaways, tree giveaways, book bag giveaways, and ribbon cuttings is always directly before the election, just like now. No doubt she will be able to add-on to her database by having people fill in forms certifying they qualified for her gift.

Anyhow, Lynda managed to find time to have a food giveaway on a busy campaign Saturday with the election weeks away. Having this event on a Saturday required having county employees who aren’t usually scheduled to work (is that overtime?) to the support event. Cutler Bay had people there on overtime. Budget shortages do not seem to be an issue when it comes to Lynda’s events.

Lynda went all out for this event. Along with the enough food for a complete meal (a chicken, veggies, etc), she had multiple banners with her name in giant letters, and county funded handouts touting her smiling self. Even the gifted food was bagged in purple plastic bags with Lynda’s name in big letters. Nothing said “vote for Lynda Bell”, but then, everyone knows that when they vote "Lynda Bell" after being bombarded with her name at this event, they reap the benefit of commission slush funding.

In addition to the scheduled food giveaway, Lynda also had an unscheduled melt down at the event. 

Apparently, the Police and Fire Unions parked a pick-up truck with a trailer carrying a Daniella Cava campaign sign in front of the building. The truck was neatly parked in a parallel parking area away from Lynda’s event. The county allows non-cars to park in the same area (like buses) there on week days, even when the parking lot is full.

Lynda could not handle the sight of this pick-up truck. Two weeks later, she still can't handle the sight of the truck. She is trying to make an A-frame sign put in a public parking area a major campaign issue. Actually, the general public doesn't give a hoot about a traveling campaign sign when our county governance is in shambles. Is this rant Lynda's way of distracting us from the real issue of budgets and multimillion dollar deals?

On that Saturday, the commissioner had the county building manager called to come handle the offending sign (he was on vacation that week). She then had Cutler Bay Village staff called which resulted in the Cutler Bay code enforcement people showing up. After much discussion and threats of fines, it was determined the sign could stay if it was covered up. So, out came black plastic and Lynda’s opponent, Daniella Levine Cava, disappeared in a billowing black plastic cloud. So much for freedom to express political opinions in Miami Dade County.

Classically, the story had a “be careful what you ask for” ending.

The truck’s owner arrived to move the Cava poster. He freed Lynda’s antagonist from the black plastic, once again displaying the ad and Daniella’s union endorsement. Because the owner could not park in front (and out of sight of the event), he simply drove. And drove. And drove. He drove in circles around the event, on roads with public access, and in full view of the public attending the event.

Lynda couldn’t stand it. My guess is there will be serious retribution directed at the PBA and Fire unions from the dais in the coming weeks. Be on the look-out for an ordinance banning rolling advertising with-in a half mile of a political event.

Lynda, put on your big-girl panties and stop whining about the sign being disrespectful to your constituents. You even stopped giving out the packages of food and whipped out your cell phone to start snapping photos of the truck. You were disrespectful of your constituents waiting in line by not paying attention to them and you certainly did not respect the employee on vacation nor the other employees that you demanded cover the sign.

Daniella Levine Cava did not put the truck there, the PBA did, so, get over it, Lynda, and give John Rivera a call. He misses you.
Police Union Sign Parked near Farm Share food giveaway. Lynda Bell went nuts when she saw it.

They had to cover up the sign to placate Lynda Bell.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell should be ashamed of herself for allowing so much food to be thrown out. What was left should have been taken to a food bank.

Cutler Bay candidate, Peggy Bell,was also there campaigning and shares the blame for allowing this to happen. Peggy Bell, as liaison to the Parks Committee, condoned food fights at Founders Day, over the objections of town residents.

Apparently both Lynda Bell and Peggy Bell are more concerned with pet welfare than human hunger. Unless they can use it as a photo opt.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Lynda's ship is taking on a lot of water.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bell, Steve Shiver, and JL Lopez can set up a lobbying shop.

Anonymous said...

She has an "in" with a fencing contractor. She can always get a job in Sweetwater.

Anonymous said...

The waste of food is sinful! and she gets upset about signs?? what a rotten tomato -- so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell thinks the sign was disrespectful to her constituents???? The rotting, STINKING and fly covered tomatoes and trash that was left there for FOUR Days is disrespectful!! This should show people what she really thinks about the residents and there needs... to let food go bad and rot rather than reaching out to other organizations that would see it went to families that are struggling. Instead she dumped it and ran to the next photo op.

Anonymous said...

Farm Share receives $600,00.000 from Miami Dade taxpayers.... Is this how the money is managed...Hopefully This is the last time they have to work with such a disrespectful commissioner!

Anonymous said...

If she has a meltdown over a truck with a sign how can she handle the pressures of the job?

Anonymous said...

Bell ain't got no big-girl panties no more. Her butt dun blowd up. Nuthin fits. She got terminal wedgie. Ouch. Its all dat hate in her brain. I'm here to tell ya, she disrespect everybody cept dose wit money. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was illegal to get on someone personal property and mess with it.. It looks like Lynda Bell doesn't feel she has to follow any laws and can give orders whenever she pleases. When did it become "highly illegal to campaign on PUBLIC property" as she stated on her Vote for Lynda Bell facebook page, that makes her bus benches "highly illegal". What a dumb statement..

disgusted in south miami heights said...

Farm Share struggles every year to beat the budget axe. They have to beg the governor and commissioners to keep funding flowing. I don't know is the responsible for the dumping, but I do know that there's several social service agencies and churches in Goulds and in surrounding areas that would have happily used the leftovers. Agape, Arthur Mays, The Heights all have services for seniors and others. Of course, no one from Bell's office could've picked up the phone and called Commissioner Moss' staff to ask if they had suggestions for the extra food? I guess not, since helping Moss' constituents is not Lynda's job. This is a great argument for county-wide elections for commissioner.

BBM said...

If you know anything about contracted waste management pickups, you will know that those tomatoes and the rest of the slimy boxes on the ground will not be picked up.

Waste management people only pickup what is in dumpsters. The rest of the mess will fall to the building staff to clean up. I wonder if they will be called in to deal with it on overtime.

Rotting tomatoes stink. Maybe the community who parks in that parking lot can scoop some up for Bell's next community meeting.

Anonymous said...

There are people in northern and central FL who would fight to get that food! Hunger is REAL in this state.

Anonymous said...

There was 130 boxes FULL of tomatoes that were wasted along with loafs of bread....Bell could have at least left it along the bus way for the homeless. They also left old shower heads and broken light bulbs that they exchanged on he ground. Lynda Bell has no respect for anyone, especially the people who work at the Goverment Center.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of waste caused by people who aren't connected to the community they are working in. As a former county commission staff person I would never left that mess after one of our events.

I certainly would find a home for those wonderful tomatoes, even if it meant loading my car and driving them to a new opportunity.

outofsight said...

Other than the fact she could offered them to the police/fire stations next door in lieu of salary, homestead hometown gal Lynda could have taken them to homestead/Florida city food kitchen to be used in meals there. She knows where to take them down there.

By the way, the sign incident is no surprise. She is so self aware it would disturb her.

Todd Whitley said...

I drive for Farm Share.. (I didn't attend this event). But, I know I have never left a event where anything was left on site. If it's not given out to individuals or a agency. It's always loaded back on my truck & taken back to our faculty. I personally walk around the location & make sure there is no trash or garbage left on site. Farm Share & it employees take pride in helping less fortunate people.