Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Don't Reelect County Commissioner Lynda Bell in District 8: The difference between a real Commissioner, Dennis Moss and Lynda Bell in the same situation. By Geniusofdespair

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS FIRST VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND THE POST.  County Commissioner Dennis Moss is addressing Lynda Bell directly about her request to form a wetlands advisory task force.  She first formed a town hall meeting (see videos below) this is it.  Remember DERM protects our drinking water from things like arsenic contamination.

Dennis Moss said he had a meeting the same meeting Lynda Bell is proposing at this Commission meeting. When the 8 1/2 square mile people acted up, as they always do, Moss said he shut down the meeting. When they acted up against staff at Lynda Bell's meeting SHE WAS SILENT (see her meeting below, there are more than 7 parts I only posted 2). She even disobeyed her own rule of 3 minutes only. And she did throw DERM under the bus as Dennis Moss warned her not to.

You only need to watch the first 3 minutes of this first one. Alice Pena (who ran against Moss) is speaking (of course more than 3 minute).

By the way, County Commissioner Lynda Bell mentions 3 minutes to speak and let her friend John DuBois talk for over 20 minutes (she had her victory party for her last election at his home). He is being sued by DERM, unfairly he says, that is why he is at this meeting to talk about DERM's predatory practices - His words I believe. Some of the people from the 8 1/2 square mile district have illegal fill (some with arsenic in it) and they are up and arms because DERM wants it removed. The Army Corps wanted all of the people removed because they are illegally living on the other side of the UDB in a flow area for the Everglades. They are blocking the flow. The Army Corps removed about 1/2 the people at great expense after years of fighting with them. The ones left are very vocal. As you can see. They shouldn't even be living in that area. I would watch this whole video.

John Dubois, vice mayor of Palmetto Bay is speaking to Derm staff members.

If you vote in District 8  you should watch these videos. The third one is awfully rude.  Listen at 3 minutes of this third one. Lynda Bell should have shut it down just like Moss did.  All the clapping is against DERM by the way, try to listen to the end. I would not submit my staff to such rude behavior. That is, if I had a staff. Daniella Levine Cava would never let staff be bullied and abused.

You don't throw your staff UNDER THE BUS.  The head of DERM quit a couple of weeks after this Lynda Bell meeting.  I beg you to watch the videos folks in District 8.

People watching videos I post are very important. Don't take my word for it, see what happened. Make your own conclusions.


Gimleteye said...

Thanks so much for posting these. EOM is the ONLY media outlet that 1) understands the background amoral fraud of county government, 2) who is responsible, and 3) where to find the story: District 8.

Why District 8? The reason is simple: that's the least developed area of the most populous county in Florida. For decades, the attention of insiders has been focused on the money to be made converting South Dade to a version of Kendall.

EOM is also asking the big question: are District 8 voters going to pay attention or will they re-elect the worst and most poorly qualified county commissioner in Miami-Dade?

There is a second side to this question: will voters recognize that Daniella Levine Cava is both well qualified and well organized to mount the first serious challenge of an incumbent county commissioner in a very long time?

Anonymous said...

Why did John Dubois get to talk that long? He is so rude who would elect him in Palmetto Bay? Lynda Bell was mum. What a horrible meeting for County staff. They were interupted over and over again. I believe everyone should watch these videos. It is shameful.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Lynda Bell last time and I will not make that mistake this time. Daniella you have my Family support and votes

Charlie said...

A travesty. I am sorry that guy quit but I don't blame him. To think a County Commissioner was sitting here silently listening to this is sad.

Anonymous said...

Staff knows when a public hearing is in a government building, there is a 12 foot banner with the politicians name hanging on stage AND the house is stacked with her campaign workers, you're in for some serious pranderfest kabuki.

I don't think there's a lot of undecideds in this race. Certainly not on this site. It comes down to who is going to show up on the 26th.

A cynic may say the mayor's early caving on his demand for 10% union pay cut and suddenly finding $100 million to balance the budget without police layoffs yesterday placates pissed off union voters in district 8.

Which leaves the people with the most vested interest in the race, the people in the video.

Daniella needs money volunteers and votes.

Geniusofdespair said...

There are a lot of undecided. During election time there is a google fest of people FINALLY reading up on a candidate trying to decide who to vote for. Our readership goes through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Are they trying to kill us all so they can make money off of land they bought in the Everglades? The meeting was a set-up from the get go. Moss laid out the history of the 8 1/2 square people starting back with Dante Fascell. These people pounce on any new elected official who is unaware of their history. This matter should be left to enforcement agencies who are charged with protecting our water supply and the courts. No commissioner or commissioner held meeting will solve the problem in the eyes of these people, it just gives them a forum to vent. Thank goodness we are getting rid of Bell.

Former keys resident said...

The folks bought land at swamp prices. People such as Alice Pena, who ended up farm bureau president after lynda was elected, wants street lights and sidewalks out there. In fact they managed get a charter school. And they named the area "las palmas".

Following the hurricanes in mid 2000s, they were still looking for bargain land, so they allowed a bunch of truckers to dump contaminated fill from the keys onto their properties. This fill contained scrapings of the debris from the keys, including organic , metal, and even sneakers. Sooooooooooo, Derm made them clean up/out the illegal fill, which is why Alice got her panties in a knot. Need I mention, if the property owners pulled fill permits, they would have known that they were about to get screwed by the truckers?

This area is a bunch of people who got sold swamp land, and instead of going after the realtors (some who still operate) for mispresentation, they decided to fight the federal, state and local governments to cover their poor investments. If they can build zero lot line houses on their 20/40 acre plats, they can all be millionaires, at little cash investment, at the expense of Miami dade county residents and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Bell has caused how many employees to leave?

Anonymous said...

well, it's perfectly obvious whose side Bell is on. She's a Tea Party supporter - what more needs to be said? Government is bad; private business is good. But let's make sure that government greases the skids for private business, like fence companies, right?

Anonymous said...

If our drinking water and everglades/environment are so important, which they are, than why were the people of the 8 1/2 sq. mile area allowed to build homes. Many were issued permits by the county. It seems that the county is at fault for allowing this to happen and letting things get out of control.