Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wait a minute … haven't we seen this movie before? … by gimleteye

We are sensitive to elections violations and gerrymandered outcomes, because Miami is the epicenter for these frauds. So when we learned that a voting error had crowned the wrong contestant at the Miss Florida pageant, our first instinct was to wonder if Katherine Harris, the former Florida secretary of state who helped put George W. Bush into the presidency, had finally found a place to hang her shingle.
"After Elizabeth Fechtel was crowned Miss Florida 2014 on Saturday, sorority sisters gushed on social media. Several news outlets interviewed the Leesburg native. Fechtel called the pageant life-changing, saying she was "privileged and thrilled to have become Miss Florida."

The excitement was short-lived. Late Thursday, pageant officials visited Fechtel to inform her of a massive error: the crown should've gone to the first runner-up instead.

The organization released a press release Friday, saying that a tabulation mistake resulted in the title being awarded to Fechtel instead of runner-up Victoria Cowen.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Fechtel planned to take a year off from her studies at the University of Florida to prepare for the Miss America Pageant. The national pageant will be held in Atlantic City, N.J.

Calls to the pageant's president and executive director Mary E. Sullivan weren't returned as of Friday afternoon."
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Anonymous said...

They failed on the essence of why they exist. Many institutions seem to be experiencing failure at the heart of their very existence. Local government, for example exists primarily to provide basic services. Basic services have been thrown out the window. They are primarily concerned with giving publicly-owned land and taxpayer money to billionaires for their playpens.