Monday, June 23, 2014

Vice Mayor District 8 Lynda Bell Protests too Much. By Genius of Despair

 This is hysterical.  It was during a procurement meeting between two competing firms.

I said Lynda Bell protested too much at a November 19th meeting, when she said she was "concerned" 14 times in less than 3 minutes during a meeting about 2 engineering firms in a bid war, one CH2M Hill. I looked at her most current financial disclosure. Who is there but CH2M Hill lobbyist Mitchell Bierman, a lawyer for CH2M Hill who gave $500 on November 1st. In fact he is on her report twice for $1,000 total. Bierman was an assistant Dade County attorney. Also there is Llorente another lobbyist for CH2M. On the new report is Nina Boniske another lawyer in the same firm as Bierman. Bell's new report was lean with only $3,200 in donations. The Wendy Lobos ECO shows no money raised during the same period.

It was always Javier D. Souto on County Commissioner's Souto's campaign reports. Not anymore, this time around he is Javier De Jesus Souto.


Anonymous said...

Good job G.O.D.

This is the kind of thing that goes unnoticed until someone with brains searches and finds it.

That these individual political contributions from lobbyists working for the same firm were made the very month their issue was debated is nothing less than pure unadulterated corruption.

It makes me sick.

And to think she is running for reelection? Thank God she has an opponent with integrity working hard to replace her, Daniella Levine Carva.

Don't say we weren't warned when we cast our vote on August 26.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much is going under the table from these firms to Bell. The reported totals are just the tip of the Rivera-style iceberg.