Monday, June 02, 2014

On Executive Authority and GOP priorities: Republicans are mad … by gimleteye

Here is a quick way to understand the priorities of the GOP. On the use of an executive order to indiscriminately spy on American citizens: OK. On the use of an executive order to fight greenhouse gases: NOT OK. Erode personal freedoms: OK. Erode Big Coal: NOT OK. Clear?


Anonymous said...

Anything that is good for big business is good for everyone according to Republicans.

Anything suggested by Democrats is always regarded suspiciously by Republicans.

Anything that Obama wants or does is wrong, overreaching or unnecessary. This is usually decided before the President finishes talking.

Anonymous said...

First anon: except that Obama is a Republican in disguise. It's all about capital - what benefits the capitalist class is looked upon with favor; what doesn't is not. It's really very simple. It has nothing to do with Democrats vs. Republicans. It's all about what the 1% want, not the 99%. Obama is part of the 1%, not the 99% - you don't get elected to be president of this country by being part of the 99%.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how the Keystone Pipeline issue goes. That will prove how seriously Obama is about Climate Change.