Monday, June 09, 2014

Amandi & Bendixen poll results probe public attitudes to Beckham deal, Miami Heat deal, lobbyists and Mayor Gimenez … by gimleteye

New polling results by Bendixen & Amandi test Miami-Dade voters attitudes to county mayor Carlos Gimenez and hot button issues for voters concerning sports stadiums.

The polling firm interviewed 400 voters between June 3 - 5, with a 4.3 percent margin of error.

17% of voters, matching yesterday's polling on the governor's race and Cuba issues, remain undecideds.

On the Beckham stadium deal, seeking to fill in the FEC boat slip site next to American Airlines Arena, voters are nearly evenly divided with 12% undecided.

There is a wide margin between White Anglo voters and Hispanic voters on the issue, with 64% of White Anglo voters opposing the deal and only 40% of Hispanics similarly opposed. 44% of Black voters are opposed.
Miami Herald

Younger voters, from ages 18-49, are nearly twice as likely to support the FEC site by a significant margin compared to older voters. By a nearly 10% margin, Democrats are more likely to oppose the stadium site than support it. Republican and Independent voters are nearly equally matched on the issue, for and against.

Voters are more negative on the issue of lease renewal terms between the Miami Heat and the county for the use of the American Airlines Arena, with 53% of all voters opposing the deal cut by Mayor Gimenez and one of the world's wealthiest men, Mickey Arison.

Again, White Anglo voters are significantly more likely to oppose extending the lease with 66% viewing the extension negatively compared to 51% of Hispanic voters and 42% of Black voters. The generational divide also marks this issue, with younger voters defined as 18-29 as likely to support the lease extension as older voters, over 65, likely to oppose it.

While these divisions on ethnic lines are familiar in Miami-Dade, one polling measure may shed some light on the underlying turmoil caused by excessive lobbyist influence throughout the county.

On the issue of privately funded renovations for Sun Life Stadium in exchange for the county paying a fee for major events being brought to South Florida, only Hispanic voters disapproved by a measure of 49% to 43%. It is hard to parse the reasons, but perhaps because Hispanic voters -- presented with the notion of the county paying a fee to private industry -- respond instantly to the potential for corruption. (White Anglo and Black voters approved by the same percentages.)

The issue of corruption and influence suggests weakness in what otherwise is solid support for Mayor Gimenez. 53% gave Gimenez good to excellent results.

The poll also tested voters attitudes toward lobbyists. The poll tested: "Supporters of Mayor Carlos Gimenez believe he is negotiating in the best interests of the County, while critics have argued that lobbyists and special interests are exerting too much influence over the Mayor in the way decisions are being made on these types of projects."

55% of voters indicate "too much influence by lobbyists and special interests". The voters' objections to lobbyist is evenly weighted across party affiliation. 65% of Black voters and 60% of Anglo voters believe lobbyists exert too much influence over the Mayor, compared to 52% of Hispanic voters.


Anonymous said...

Because the FEC Slip and Museum Park have been under renovation for so long few residents have visited in years. Now people need to visit and take photos.

Anonymous said...

I think if you ask any voter if lobbyists have too much influence, they are going to say yes by a wide majority no matter who they are being asked about specifically. That number has way more to do with the status of politics today than it does with the Mayor.

It would have been interesting to see the same question as it relates to the County Commission. My guess is that there is a set 55% to 60% that think lobbyists have too much influence over any elected official, but, members of the Commission, State Legislature, and Congress would see a much higher number because the question is about a body, rather than an individual.

Overall the numbers show that he has wide support, with all of the "controversial" issues he has dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Young voters are innocent, gullible, naive and unfamiliar with unscrupulous people. These little newbies are the same ones who get excited by a new car and sign-up for SEVEN years of car note payments. They are completely unaware that most people with sense are looking for income streams.

Anonymous said...

So true, young people are attracted to new shiny things...and they rarely read newspapers and attend community meetings. Ah, to be so naive. Style over substance.

Anonymous said...

Tell everyone. Spread the word far and wide, Gimenez has a vendetta against libraries and parks. It's easy enough to prove his track record. People are aghast when it's told to them. Phone polls are a joke.

Anonymous said...

To say that Gimenez has a vendetta against libraries and parks is ridiculous, and if that is what you are telling people, you are a liar, plain and simple. He is trying to keep service levels where they are, without increasing taxes. Giving 5% increases to the Unions (the Commission did this against the Mayor's recommendation) created a $50 million dollar budget hole that made the current year's budget that much harder to reconcile. You can't have your cake and eat it too people. And by the way, phone polls are not a joke if they are done the right way, with a proper sample size. Based on what I have seen, these numbers are accurate.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. Gimenez has cut Library millage drastically since he has been in office. He now wants to cut it another 20 mil. You are the liar or at least misinformed. He is clueless when it comes to serving the people in need in this county and instead is more in serving the need of people like Beckham.

chubbkins said...

Stop cutting taxes just to be politically correct. Every time the county or state cuts taxes, I get to go to Mcdonalds one extra time that year.

I need libraries and parks more than a super sized quarter pounder with cheese. One is a life saver, the other will kill me faster and knock one more tax payer off the rolls.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that almost every other world class city in this country is able to support and fund their libraries? Because their citizens get it and are willing to pay a little extra in taxes to make their libraries cornerstones in their community. Not here. Not in this sad city. One has to question the values and commitment of the mayor, those who support him, and those commisioners who follow his lead like lemmings into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Read the Herald today. We live in a Banana Republic. 68% Hispanic oppose raising taxes to support Libraries. WTF? Who are these people and where do they live? Most Hispanic people I know support the library.

Anonymous said...

I am in my 30's. The only time I visit the library now is to go vote early. If I want to read a book, I'll go to Starbucks, or read it on my tablet at home, on the beach, or wherever I want. Libraries need to modernize with new and revenue producing offerings in my opinion, if they want to survive long term. Pretty soon, every child in school will have their own tablet with access to just about anything ever written. Status quo gets you no where. It's time to reinvent the public library, in a way that will attract the youth, while maintaining some "traditional" libraries for older residents.

Anonymous said...

Well said on libraries needing to modernize. We don't need that many nor do we need to keep them at their current size.

This poll is telling. Voters 65 and older had their chance and got us to where we are. Now they want to dismiss young voters?

You had your chance ( and judging from your comments, you aren't too happy with the results). Let the young lead!

Anonymous said...

David Beckham and his handlers have an army of lobbyists whispering in Carlos Gimenez's ears. One of the lobbyists was fired from an election campaign for absentee ballot fraud. Now on Beckham's payroll.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of library users are young people!

Anonymous said...

If that's the best Gimenez can do then he's not the person for the job

social worker said...

A large majority of my clients use the library for help with computers and even homework. My clients are not always fortunate enough to have a computer at home or an adult in the house with enough language skills or education to help their kids with research projects.

Additionally, public libraries are community meeting places.