Monday, June 16, 2014

Lynda Bell's ECO Donations for May. By Geniusofdespair

Steve Ross's $10,000 is interesting. Also Rodney Barreto's $2,500.  To see both campaign reports of Lynda Ring My Bell and Daniel Levine Cava, go to this link and hit on 2014.

Here is another Lynda Bell special. She sponsored the legislation that ended the requirement for professional Pool Licensing for those guys that knock at your  door asking to clean your pool, doing repairs. Here is a letter to the editor from the Miami Herald of the results of her legislation:

Hire licensed contractors

So the taxi lobby is up in arms about unlicensed activity in its industry and calling for jail time for violators.
However, children are being killed because of unlicensed contractors in the swimming-pool industry.
Miami-Dade commissioners approved letting people with a certified pool operators (CPO) certificate to service pools, but not make repairs. However, CPOs think they are now licensed contractors and installing pumps, filters, and making repairs. County officials stand by and do nothing.
A 16-hour course teaching people how to pass the test does not make a contractor. County commissioners have created a serious problem in an industry that not only uses powerful chemicals, but does plumbing, electrical and structural repairs on pools than can cause death if not done properly.
Residents should hire licensed contractors. It’s the law.
Wayne Edwins, Pinecrest


Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell is a threat to public safety. For the right price, she will use her office to eliminate, amend, or revise any regulation a business person perceives as an obstacle to making a buck. The pool service certificate is a classic example. Remember "Mr. Awesome" who died from a short in the pool light? Well, Lynda is only able to pass ridiculous changes to the Building Code because she gets a majority to support her, and Sally Heyman is always at her side. Sometimes the consequences are sad, other times it just destroys the value of your property - like when she allows chain link fences for front yards in all of unincorporated Miami-Dade County. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching that Pool Ordinance hearing. What a PoS she is. She sponsored that.

I see the Dolphins are scrambling for more of our tax dollars. They're writing big check to all BCC members for another pie in the sky "it's better then nothing" deal brought to us by Gimenez. One day I wish he'd stop doing the stadium deals and the BCC would stop approving giving away our tax dollars to billionaires whether by direct compensation or tax rebates.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm -- who in the family is working on pools? She never does anything that does not have a personal benefit angle. Such a sleaze. GET OUT THE VOTE FOR DANIELA.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people even bother. Always the same complaints, year after year. Why don't you set up a forum for candidates amongst all bloggers and invite all the candidates. At least you can ask questions and get the record straight. Nothing will change otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Information is power. If only this type of reporting got out there to the public, maybe then and only then we can get rid of ridiculous candidates for office and vote in honest representatives.

Anonymous said...

Based on the data dump the Herald did Monday night just before the scheduled vote tomorrow morning, I'm guess ing Doug Hanks just got crossed of Ross's Christmas list. (Yes I know Ross is Jewish, it's just an expression) )

Geniusofdespair said...

I have a warning AGAINST REFERRING TO "you People".