Thursday, June 12, 2014

County Commissioner Lynda Bell Betrayed The Solemn Oath. By Geniusofdespair

Heard this is going to be heard AGAIN. They want more residential!!! Someone fill us in.

From Miami Today - It is always about Bell's family members. She sees everything through the eyes of her family not through the eyes of what is best for the citizens she is representing. Small minded thinking.

Thank you Commissioners Sally Heyman and Dennis Moss for honoring a  30 year covenant (Barreiro and Souto were absent). The rest of you -- betrayal.

I wrote about this issue May 23rd.  I also wrote about it January 12th: It is BACK!! Like a bad case of the runs. 

 This issue is about land OUTSIDE the UDB line. The developer promised NO RESIDENTIAL imposing a 30 year Covenant on the land in 2007. He got the UDB line moved based on the covenant. Now the vote is in. Just 5 years later, the 30 year covenant is gone. 9 Commissioners voted in favor of this. Commissioners Jean Monestime, Rebeca Sosa, Audrey Edmonson and Xavier Suarez: What were you thinking? A 30 year covenant is a solemn promise in my book. Now they want even more housing and I heard that Codina is building it? Don't know what is going on but the parcel was in litigation for years with environmentalists.  (see Brown history).

It is good to see Lynda Bell doesn't give a hoot about a 30 year covenant. If her daughter can't find a house in this market, she either doesn't have enough money, has bad credit or is incompetent. Anyway, why is a commissioner making a decision for over 2 million people based on a family member? To hell with the good of the community. Lynda Bell is no Katy Sorenson and never will be. I hereby induct Lynda Bell in the 'unreformable majority' on the county commission.

Kendall Commons is undeveloped residential. The property that had the 30 year covenant is to the North of Kendall Commons (on the curve). Why do we need more residential if they never developed Kendall Commons?


Anonymous said...

Talking about pay-to-play democracy …

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she does not know what a promise means --- a dangerous and sleazy lady who has no business in public office. VOTE HER OUT!!!!!!

Geniusofdespair said...

Katy never would have voted for this betrayal .

Anonymous said...

How many times dowe need to say it: Bell= Corrpution, corruption, corruption!

Anonymous said...

Bell has to go. And the other clowns who voted for this have to go too.