Friday, June 06, 2014

Councilman Scott Galvin Said: The Time Has Come for a Full State Financial Audit of the City of North Miami. By Geniusofdespair

North Miami has  become  a snakepit. I would remove my art from there as well, if I were on MOCA's Board, before the city sells it off. There were 3 Haitian Mayors and all 3 had ethical problems. Lucy Tondreau might have criminal problems and absentee ballot problems. Her computers have been confiscated. How utterly disgusting the 3 represented their community. Instead of being pillars to be emulated, they were more like flim flam leaders trying to game the system.  The first mayor had a Rolls Royce and no money and a bunch of lawsuits and he called himself an engineer without a license. He got a mortgage from a developer doing millions of dollars of business with the city. He violated sunshine rules with at least one councilman that I know of. The second Haitian Mayor drove a Porsche and  he wasn't sure who owned it. He had a relative promising a vote for money (caught on camera) The third was just removed from office for  mortgage fraud and awaits trial. The Haitian Community should expect more from their leaders. It is stain on the City and the residents who voted for these idiots because a radio station told them who to vote for and was paid to tell them.

On the subject at hand: Here is Scott Galvin's reasoning for asking for an audit (I have to say North Miami is the Homestead of the North as far as corruption goes):

Over the past years, several financial irregularities at North Miami city hall have come to my attention.  I've tried unsuccessfully behind the scenes to get State auditors to come look at our books.  But now, with fresh air sweeping through the city, I want to make my appeal public in hopes the majority of you will agree...North Miami needs a State audit NOW!
Here are some reasons:
• Months ago, employees were hired to complete a bank reconciliation project. For over a year, the city did not properly account for any incoming or outgoing financial transactions. (See Pg. 126) However, this troubling situation was not emphasized to Council, nor was the need to bring in staff to handle it. Further, their salaries were unbudgeted and a final accounting of their findings has not been provided to me, despite repeated requests.  

• From about October 2012 - August 2013, North Miami did not bill utility customers. This obviously caused our Water & Sewer Fund to be incredibly short. On September 11, 2013, the then-Finance Director told the city council that we balanced our books by supplementing our Water & Sewer Fund using money from Biscayne Landing (see Pages 25 & 26). He said that we were upward of $20 million short in the Enterprise Fund at any given time. At no time previously had such information been revealed to Council, nor had we given approval. How many other shell games were played?   

• Despite city management assuring Council we could afford to approve an Early Retirement Program (ERIP) for employees, at a recent meeting we learned that eight separate city departments will be over budget this year.  "Staff reorganization (ERIP, regular turnover) was the major contributing factor," read their report.  And two years from now, the city will have to pay nearly $1 million more, as we reimburse the State Pension system.  How many other times was management not forthcoming on the financial impact of Council votes? 

• In the Spring of 2013, a home was sold which carried $400,000 in code liens. But the transaction happened without either buyer or seller attaining a Conditional Certificate of Reoccupancy, nor a Certificate of Reoccupancy (for which the new owner eventually received a code citation). The liens were then settled for only $25,000, which allowed the new owner to quickly re-sell the home for a $450,000 profit. How many other sales were allowed to take place which bypassed city rules?

If you live in North Miami take 4 prunes and call me in the morning. G.O.D.


Anonymous said...

As Gomer Pile would say in his drawn out way and intonation: "Surprise--Surprise--Surprise!"

No surprise to those of us having observed the efforts to be in the power structure by similar people of the same persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post.
Miami Beach building department cites condominium units with violations that are voided when a new owner purchases the unit. The new owner just shows a dated deed and explains that they didn't do the work. The improper work still exists, but the citation will be voided. The next buyer is going to get screwed. One would assume that a closed violation was corrected and inspected. Not exactly the case.

Anonymous said...

This is such a shame. As in most cases, the majority of the good people in North Miami - of all ethnic backgrounds - are tainted by the few. No one has a corner on power hunger, or greed (just look at the County or City of Miami) but this is really something for such a small city. All of the residents need to demand better.

Anonymous said...

The state can dissolve a city. North Miami, Miami, and Miami Beach should have been axed years ago.

Anonymous said...

When a City Commissioner rings the bell, someone needs to respond. People of character do not want to lead, they want to lay back and let others assume the burden of leadership. The result is that we continually get a bunch of rift raft who are incapable of providing leadership.

Anonymous said...

The Haitian radio hosts foolishly rallied support for Lucie. It was sickening. There was one though that spoke some sense and stated that people should wait for the outcome of the trial.

If the allegations are correct, Lucie and her buddies fleeced the Haitian community for their own personal gain.

Anonymous said...

Haiti, the country, is in chaos. Haitians in the United States strive to emulate what they have at home, in Haiti. The Haiti name is the "kiss of death" to site acquisition specialists.

Anonymous said...

I'm a county FF. Every duty day I respond to the many multi-story apartment buildings in NoMi that house primarily Haitian immigrants. These many places are in a sad state of disrepair and the property owners could give two shits.

Where is Lucie and all the other Haitian politicians who want to use their people as a vault to public office yet could care less about the living conditions of their countrymen and countrywomen?

I've seen ceilings crumbling, elevators not working, clogged and backed up sewage, you name it, I've seen it.

It's utterly disgusting that these so-called Haitian-American leaders exploit their people for personal gain. Maybe NoMi should create a Mayor's mansion. Put the mayor in an apartment on NE 6th Ave paid for by the city.

Anonymous said...

Do some research on the various "King" apartments in NoMi. SMH

Anonymous said...

First, an independent financial forensic audit should be conducted in all city departments involving all operations, agreements, and ordinances involving city's finances and its precious assets going back to May 2003.

City of North Miami has been mismanaged ever since the departure of Lee Feldman and Irma Plummer as city managers. The city administration has been a revolving door of city managers, police chiefs, and department heads for past eleven years.

Now, you have same old 'glue-factory' race horses throwing their hats in the ring as candidates for mayor in this special election. North Miami deserves better leadership with vision and strategic thinking as it is the rough diamond in South Florida with its key location between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.