Monday, June 02, 2014

Andres Viglucci Herald Reporter on the Beckham Soccer Stadium on the Waterfront. by Geniusofdespair

Mayor Carlos Gimenez calls the Historic FEC slip "not beautiful to look at" I call it a rare opportunity to see the aquatic preserve from Downtown.
I think Andres Viglucci wrote the definitive article on filling in the Historic FEC slip to put up the Beckham Soccer Stadium.  I especially like Terry Riley's quotes:

In a dissection of the Beckham plan during an interview, Terence Riley, a prominent architect who as director of the former Miami Art Museum guided the development of the lavishly praised and heavily visited PAMM, called the stadium site plan “mind-boggling,” “preposterous,” “misguided” and “kind of crazy.”

“I can’t understand the urban logic behind it,” said Riley, former chief curator of architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. “I’ve done a lot of research on stadiums and arenas, and, no matter what is promised, they are virtually always empty.

“The only population it would bring is a very large crowd on occasion, and that’s not what the park needs. It simply doesn’t fulfill its promise as a large urban park,” Riley said. “This puts a bad light on whoever’s advising them.

“Show me another example of an American city that after all this thoughtful planning and strategizing just sets it aside. It doesn’t exist. This is not the way urban planners who are experts in reviving cities would do things. This would be considered anathema.”

Why I keep calling the FEC slip historic:

Magazine of the Historic FEC Slip when it is was a Submarine Chaser Training Center in 1943.

Andres Viglucci has been with the Miami Herald since 1984 and remains one of the paper's best writers.
Andres Viglucci from Random

Save the green and blue space for our residents Mayor Gimenez and Mayor Regalado! Put a moratorium on helping Arena's and Stadium's till you can balance your budgets without a sleigh of hand.


Anonymous said...

thank you for continuing to post all of this information.

I wanted to add two ideas to help/keep building momentum to shut down this totally kooky idea of filling in the slip.

1. tomorrow, Tuesday at 1 pm on WLRN local show Topical Currents, Gimenez is due to appear to talk about transportation in Miami Dade County. People can call in or better yet, bombard the show with emails while he is on there how loco this idea is-- I have always gotten my comments addressed when I email the show send your emails to starting at 1 PM

2. Thursday night, June 5 from 6 to 9 PM is free music on the PAMM steps. It is the Lauderhill Steel Band to kick off Carribean Heritage month. It would be a good opportunity to hand out leflets opposing the satdium and or, as I am doing, copying the Tropical Audubon Society flier for occupying the Park on Saturday Morning, June 14 to oppose filling in the slip.

Just my 2 cents. I know alot of people who are energized by this fight.

I want to thank Gimenez for getting star struck and pandering to the straw man celebrity of Beckham. It is helping build community.

Anonymous said...

These quotes from experts make the two mayors look like morons and the commissioners don't look any better. Get some balls and I don't mean soccer balls.

Anonymous said...

Cooper doing a confrontational interview? Never going to happen... softball questions only, Carlos will be free to recite the Beckman group's talking points. . Better to call in or hope they have a guest host.

Anonymous said...

The two mayors ARE morons! The park we have is almost finished and they want to con us into letting them take that for a park the say will happen? Oy Vay!!

Anonymous said...

72 percent of voters approved the upgrades to the tennis center in Crandon Park.

Anonymous said...

And 71% didnt know what they voting on. They just saw mailers telling them it wouldnt cost them any money.

Anonymous said...

Rick Scott's budget veto's include funding for Museum Park improvements.

Anonymous said...

"Rick Scott scrubs ‘toe nail clipper’ highrise funding in veto"

One down.

Next: the wrong placement of a soccer stadium

Then: the July 15th millage vote for the library's restored budget.

Mayor Gimenez keeps me on my toes!

It would be so much less expensive to have contributed to the campaign of an intelligent candidate.

Anonymous said...

Beckman and his handlers admit they have no money for land. (Miami Herald June 3rd) No wonder they hit up star struck Gimenez first. Now Regalado and his five dwarfs need to send broke Beckham packing.