Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On FPL: decision day for Governor Rick Scott and Cabinet in Tallahassee (some advice for Charlie Crist) … by gimleteye

The howling over the FPL plan to build two new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point and high voltage power lines into Everglades National Park and along the US 1 corridor has reached a crescendo. If there has been another decision in recent history by a Florida governor with more direct impact on hundreds of thousands of likely voters, I don't know what it is.

The Miami Herald adds that the decision comes in the context of a hotly contested election looming in November.

Governor Rick Scott has among the lowest approval ratings of any governor in the nation. To win in November, he needs voters from Miami-Dade voters who will be adversely affected by FPL.

My precinct voting station is located right beneath the metro rail on US 1. If I were Charlie Crist, based on today's vote, I'd just put campaign workers and signs there and along US 1: "Gov. Rick Scott voted for power lines in your back yard", "Gov. Rick Scott approved radiation down US 1", "Live near US 1? Your home value was just stolen by Gov. Rick Scott."

Video of lights being lit under power lines in FLORIDA (thank you Al Crespo):


Anonymous said...

Most transmission lines are not for dade County. We take the hit for communities up the coast. Take a fluorescent bulb under these powerlines and watch it right up.

Al Crespo said...

Whoever made the above comment, tell me exactly where I can go with a fluorescent bulb and stand under a power line and it will lite up. I want to go do that and videotape it.

Be as specific as you can. what kind of bulb?

Anonymous said...

8 Foot Flourescent lamp. As a kid hunting my grandfather and I were under High power tension lines and for the life of me I could not understand why he brought a 8 foot lamp and an A-Frame 8 foot ladder. At around 11 pm we set up camp under these lines and he taped the lamp to the ladder and presto: we had a decent amount of light for the night. It was surreal at the time. He explained to me these transmission lines bleed voltage out. We were out near Naples when we did it. Now be advised, the light was not fully lit, bit it gave off enough glow to illuminate the area we were in.

Anonymous said...

Q.How can a fluorescent light glow under a transmission line, even if it’s not plugged into an electrical source?
A. A sufficiently strong electric field may stimulate the phosphors from the chemicals that coat the inside of a fluorescent light tube and cause them to glow slightly. A fluorescent tube also will glow when held near a car ignition or a radio transmitter. Fluorescent lights sometimes can be made to glow by rubbing them with a glove or a dry hand, or by carrying them when sliding your feet across a rug in a darkened From FAQ pplreliablepower

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of flourecent lights glowing under power poles.


Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie Crist, please send Scott & the Cabinet a thank you note for helping you defeat him as you are sworn in as Governor!

I see the ads now. I see the documentary on how Scott lost the election, badly, in Miami Dade County.

As to FPL, they just plain out suck.

Dear Cabinet members, you suck too if you approve this, which you probably will because campaign contributions run your worlds, not the petty people you are supposed to be serving.

Anonymous said...

How anyone can support Charlie Crist for governor is completely baffling. But then again, people get the government they deserve.

Al Crespo said...

saw the video on you tube...pretty interesting....could that be done now with the power lines that fpl has up? i would think that might be an interesting media event and way to mobilize folks.

Anonymous said...

Online now … watching the horrible Mark Wilson … soon FPL.


Anonymous said...

Anon, Rick Scott is the embodiment of "government that people deserve". Anybody but Scott. Charlie Crist is the best we can hope for, he may not be the best, but my god we can't do worse than what we have now.

Anonymous said...

Watching online now. What is that weird thing Rick Scott does, cocking his head? Did he have that move, poll-tested?

Anonymous said...

Al Crespo,
Lights under power lines in Kendall. Here is a video under FPL lines.

Anonymous said...

Eugene Flinn , Kent , the owner of wire masters and I went and videoed the glowing lights in Palmetto Bay and in Kendall. We used 2 different kinds of fluorescent tubes, and shorter lengths. We used the middle of the street at the power lines that cross SW 128 st at 127 ave. At street level, we still got a glow.

In Homestead, the huge power poles divide the eastern communities of keys gate, they run past homes on the back yard property lines, and now are newly placed running north up SW 162 ave and east west on SW 328 street... The poles are heading straight to us1, homes be damned. One neighhorhood in keys gate, Augusta greens has a children's park right (more like under it) next a transmission station.

It is scary, once you have stood in the dark and held the bulbs. You can hear the power coming from the lines. You can't help but wonder what the lines are doing to your children and loved ones.

Kent says that the technology exists to capture the escaping power from the lines and would decrease the need for new nukes or power.


Anonymous said...

Matt Leone of Leone Creative shot and edited the video. Kent Crook had the lights, knew the spot.

Just think, now cities along US1 can save on their FPL bills by just sticking up unplugged fluorescent lights to light up the street!

'Thanks Ricky, you're doing a helluva job'!

Anonymous said...

Have the scientists and medical professionals determined if we will light up too like the lights? With constant extensive day-to-day exposure along heavily congested slow-moving US1, will we eventually be lighted figures who glow in the dark? Will those who live closest to US 1 have a higher glow presence, than those who live further away? Exactly how far would you have to be away from US 1 to not become lighted? Will our unborn children, be lighted at birth becoming children of the light? Can lighted people contaminate other normal people, sort of spread the light? What about the constant humming? Will it affect our hearing, our sanity, and our cognitive abilities?

Matt said...

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