Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lynda Bell dumping on Derm....not helping the environment. By Geniusofdespair


Is she trying to help John Dubois Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay and the 8 1/2 square mile people? She allowed Derm critic John Dubois to dominate the public town hall meeting she conducted soon after elected, letting him speak for more than 20 minutes (3 minute limit?). By the way Commissioner Moss does NOT agree with Bell and it is his district.

I went to the task force meetings. Even Lynda Bell gave up on the Alice Pena  and the 8 1/2 square mile people, too looney.


Anonymous said...

John DuBois just gave $1,000 to her reelection campaign April 27th. She's working hard for that $$.

Anonymous said...

At least $4000, actually, if you look at the report above, including a grand from the LLC that is financing the Bell's Redland Inn.