Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lynda Bell and Daniella Levine Cava AUGUST 26th is the election. By Geniusofdespair

THE ELECTION FOR DISTRICT 8 IS NOT IN NOVEMBER. If you wait till November you will have missed the election for the Daniella Levine Cava-Lynda Bell race by a few months. Get your absentee ballot NOW!

As stupid as it might seem, the election will be held when you are probably on vacation: August 26. The primary is actually the election. So if you are going to vote for Daniella Levine Cava make sure you get an absentee ballot.  If you are voting for Lynda Bell, go on vacation and hope someone will send in an absentee ballot for you. It happens.

Anyway, this is a non-partisan election. The candidates are not running on any party but I think everyone that is following this race knows the party of the candidates. We aren't supposed to consider that Lynda Bell is a "Fiscal Conservative" (code she uses when she goes door to door).   Because it is non-partisan the PRIMARY DATE of AUGUST 26th is really the election date unless one candidate gets less than 51% of the vote. That can only happen with 3 candidates or more and that would mean there could be a run-off on November 4th. I doubt we will see a run-off on this one.  At this point consider the August 26th date set in stone.

Anyway, tell all your friends the election is August 26th for County Commissioners. Register to vote if you are in the district. Make sure your friends and neighbors vote August 26th or are prepared with an Absentee Ballot if they are away on vacation. If they are on an extended vacation tell them to call elections: 305-499-8444 and make arrangements to have the ballot send to their vacation spot.  Did I repeat the date enough times?

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