Monday, May 26, 2014

HBO Vice: Chilling episode on Texas and climate change: "Deliver Us From Drought" … by gimleteye

This Memorial Day, spend a few minutes thinking about the move by the Republican-led US House of Representatives to throttle the US military's conviction that climate change is a clear and present danger to our national security.

Much of the resistance in Congress against climate change flows from Texas -- the state of George W. Bush, climate change denier and home to major US military bases -- a state that is enduring a 500 year drought. Last night on network TV news, the drought in Texas was featured without comment on climate change. More than a dozen municipalities in Texas are within 45 days of running out of potable water.

Earlier this month the excellent HBO news program "Vice" took a close look at Texas' faith-based response to the drought and the unwillingness of Texans to believe in the science of global warming.

Here is a video excerpt. If you have access to HBO on demand via the web, the full episode is must-watch TV. Stone-cold chilling.


Anonymous said...

Nice video. NyTimes 2014- "China Exports Pollution to U.S., Study Finds." This is a global issue for Texas and California. Texans might be praying to the wrong god. I hope these gods have an international long distance plan. I would call the professional god Tlaloc, the Aztec Rain God. I'm no stranger to calling in distant relatives for help.

Anonymous said...

Well, this appears to be an easy fix: Hire Elisha to squint his eyes and shake his fingers upward to lobby God. See, why didn't any body else think of it. Easy as pie, problem solved.

Bob said...

Have they ever considered that this is quite literally God's wrath for our serving mammon?