Saturday, May 03, 2014

Florida State Government: Too Much Cash? Spend it Stupidly on Turkeys, Why Save? By Geniusofdespair

The excess money came from somewhere: Like us!
The State of Florida is flush with extra money according to the Miami Herald: 1.2 Billion dollars. Why don't they save it? Instead they are spending it on pet projects all over the state. Is there something I am missing? I have a nest egg, why don't they?
The State: 
Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, defended local projects, which have been long derided as “turkeys” because they aren’t fully vetted by professionals at state agencies.

Now Look at Miami Dade County in contrast (probably gives the most to the State of any county except Broward):
"A $285 million deficit in 2013 dings the county’s balance sheet as Moody’s warns of a debt squeeze from the new port tunnel. Deficit spending and a nearly $17 billion debt load lowered the county’s overall “net position” in 2013, according to a new financial report. The equivalent of a person’s net worth, the county’s $6.3 billion net position measures the difference between assets and liabilities." Miami Herald

Some pet projects of State Lawmakers:
A $350,000 fountain in the state’s richest town, Palm Beach, and $123,000 for a dog park in an affluent Jacksonville neighborhood. Others are big: $12 million for Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford’s alma mater, the private Jacksonville University, and $3 million for an industrial park in Walton County.

Okay what gives? Why are they spending every penny when we are broke here? Someone please explain why there is no fund for extra funds for a rainy day that could be invested and grow? A fountain will not get us develop jobs or feed the hungry. Why not, if you are going to spend it, spend it on something that will help the whole State as the surplus doesn't come from Will Weatherford's and Don Gaetz's districts that is for sure.


Al Crespo said...

The 21st century Dildo - aka Skyrise Miami got $2 million and the Marine Stadium got $1 million, and of course the Beckam Soccer Stadium will be able to tap into some of that money created for sports stadiums.

Anonymous said...

State budget approved yesterday sets aside 3 Billion in reserves better known as savings. Also the state has paid down more than 7 Billion in debt in the last 3 years. That debt reduction translates into hundreds of millions in savings every year that would have gone to debt payments. Solid fiscal positions.

Anonymous said...

yet, they pay state employees and state law enforcement enough money so they can go get get food stamps. Yup. Nice job on the saving.