Friday, May 30, 2014

Daniella Levine Cava's New BIG Endorsement: Modesto Abety-Gutierrez and Bell's Push Poll in District 8. By Geniusofdespair

Modesto E. Abety-Gutierrez, Retired President and CEO of the Children's Trust and Member of the U.S. President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, endorses Daniella Levine Cava.


Lynda Bell did a push poll (not really polling you, trying to get you to vote a certain way by planting ideas in your head that something is wrong) or as it was described on line: a seemingly unbiased telephone survey that is actually conducted by supporters of a particular candidate and disseminates negative information about an opponent..

The push poll was about how much money Daniella has.

Daniella Levine Cava spent years preparing herself for her career and earned her way into two great schools with hard work and study, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps (very Republican), getting into Yale and Columbia and started her own business.  Since when is being successful a liability?  Daniella is married to a medical doctor. Between them they earned a very comfortable nest egg.  I don't begrudge people who work and save. Why is that part of a push poll? Is the Bell camp trying to make that out into a bad thing? That would be the same as saying Lynda and her husband are not worthy because they have struggled to make a living.  People are fair, they value hard work. Sometimes it leads to monetary success, sometimes it does not. Most of all our neighbors value people who give back to the community like Daniella has her whole working life. The Bell push poll is just not going to work, it is unfair to Daniella's work ethic and community involvement. Voters will see that.

As Modesto E. Abety-Guutierrez said:

I’m tired of electing politicians who are only interested in helping themselves, their family members, and the donors who support their campaigns.

Like many of you, I feel that Miami-Dade voters deserve leadership that will truly work on behalf of the people, and bring results that matter to working families across our county.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be supporting Daniella Levine Cava for County Commissioner.

Daniella is a servant leader. For nearly three decades, she has been a force for positive change in our community. As the founder of Catalyst Miami, one of the preeminent nonprofits in South Florida, Daniella created programs that lifted thousands of working families out of poverty through education and access to healthcare, housing, social and financial services. Her work has led to the creation of hundreds of jobs in our community, and countless opportunities for Miami-Dade residents.


Anonymous said...

I don't need to see an endorsement to vote for Daniella. She is a lady of quality. I admire her and will vote for her. At least she won't be taking CRA money to paint a hotel that Vice Mayor of Palmetto paid for with a mortgagel. A mortgage to an unemployed assistant plumber. Who does that kind of deal?

Anonymous said...

Levine Cava has not been to my neighborhood. I only met with the "fiscal consrvative", the mayors hatchet woman. I was cordial.

Anonymous said...

By now Cava's operational plans for election day, early voting, and absentee ballot voting should be completed. The who, where, when, what, and how of those operations should be in place. As endorsements come in, they should be given specific assignments and integrated into those work plans. Just lending one's name is not enough, it is the political muscles behind the name that is critical in a street fight like this.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Daniella! Powerful endorsement and well deserved!

Remember folks, the primary in August is “D” day to send Daniella onward to victory.

So let’s get out there and give Daniella a hand. Walk precincts with Daniella, go to her campaign office and answer phones, call voters and tell them all the good things about Daniella. Let them know the grand opportunity we are given and the prize we will send to the County when we elect Daniella to serve.

We need Daniella in District 8. We need her in the County, making the right decisions for our future. We need her standing up big and tall to represent us,to speak for us. We need her to begin our voyage of integrity as she works with her colleagues to accomplish real goals.

And don’t forget the prayers!

Anonymous said...

Can any on post the transcript of the push poll? I think the words and the intent would say more than the exposure here. I am not a district resident, but I am hopeful voters of the district will vote Bell out. She is only beholden to her own ambitions and the desires of her financial supporters. She is not the right person to put the greater public benefit as the highest priority. Her re-election would be a tragedy for all residents if the county. Cava, on the other hand, has dedicated her life to advancing our community and has a résumé that proves she is only interested in doing what needs to be done to protect and improve the public interest. I hope District voters rise to the challenge and evaluate the candidates on their true character, not rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Bell is so awful she will go after Daniela for anything! Seems to me hard work and success are pretty bedrock American values and the Cava's should be celebrated for theirs. Daniela has earned every penny working in the public interest. The same can hardly be said for the Bells. Hope the district voters see through this "poll" for what it is -- a desperate attempt to slam a fabulous candidate. Hope it backfires on the Linda and her crew.

ZWoman said...

Daniella's record of public service is beyond reproach. I believe the voters of District 8 will see that and ignore the nonsense coming from the Bell camp. If the voters of Miami-Dade County are sick of corrupt, self-serving politicians, they need to get off their duffs and work for Daniella, she is the kind of commissioner we need and deserve. Let's get going!

Anonymous said...

Modesto: Thank You! This is great to have your endorsement. I am sick and tired of these corrupt self serving politicians being elected and reelected again and again.
When Bell goes this will be a lesson for the other commissioners in Miami Dade County. Vote one out at a time.
Vote Daniella for our District 8 Commissioner.

Juan said...

Daniela is a person of intellect , compassion, integrity , and unquestionable ability . These traits will serve her constituents well as their representative on the county commission .
Bell has none of those traits rather she is the worst type of politician .. She is the poster child for the tea party vindictive Carl Rove slash and burn politics . Electing Daniela will Bring an independent effective voice to the county commission .Her votes will be based upon the merits of the issues before her. Not the pandering of Lobbyists who have filled Bells campaign coffers.
Very rarely does someone of Daniela's statue put themselves up for public office in Miami -Dade county

Send a message that lying, abuse ..incompetency .. Self promotion .. And arrogance will no longer be tolerated in our county elected officials (are you listening mayor ?)

Anonymous said...

Personally given Daneilla's education, background and experience I would think running a non profit would be her labor of love since even the best in the field aren't typically making what her educational skill sets command in the private sector.....and either way she tossed it all to run for the much higher paying BCC.

BTW i don't think she was required to resign to run, clearly others commissioner past and present serve on not for profit boards, in fact for some it is their only visible means of support.

Secondly why is being personally successful a liability? I would think demonstrating the skill set to succeed would translate to insights how to help make county run more professionally. Would you vote for a political leader who lives in a unkept trailer with feral dogs and has a two digit credit score. Not than anyone in this race fits that bill.....just saying we like leaders of substance.

But substance can be relative. I understand in the land of the blind the one eye man is king so Lynda may in fact be the Queen of her circle but how many times has she reminded us from the dais how hard things are for her family?
Usually in the content of " I feel your pain" or "these damn ($40,000/yr) county employees with their fancy health care and paid holidays got it way better than any of the working stiffs in my family"

Anonymous said...

Juan: In case you don't know how this works, in a non-partisan race which this is, we vote for the candidate, not the party so it will do you well to leave Republican negativity and cheap shots out of your posts.

Instead, you should concentrate on getting Daniella elected by stressing her Vision, Integrity and Results as described in her brochure and as I quote:

“VISION: Miami-Dade needs leaders with vision. A lifelong public servant who has dedicated herself to our community, Daniella is driven by her desire to make Miami-Dade a better place for all its residents. She will bring business, government and the people together to reach our common goals.

INTEGRITY: Daniella knows that the reputation of corruption in South Florida government hurts all of us. Any amount of corruption drives a wedge between the people and our elected officials. Daniella will lead the way, restoring integrity and trust in our local government.

RESULTS: Daniella and the organizations she has founded have served as a beacon of hope throughout our community. She has tirelessly advocated on behalf of jobs, the environment, the economy, quality of life and good government. She will continue to make positive changes and lead Miami-Dade forward.”
This is her platform on which she will be elected and that underscores the Woman of Substance that is Daniella.

I am a Republican and am working my butt off to get Daniella elected not because of her party affiliation but because she is the best candidate to come before the voters in Miami-Dade in decades. I refuse to let this grand opportunity pass by concentrating on issues that play no part in a non-partisan campaign.

Onward to Victory Daniella...The community supports you!

Anonymous said...

I hope Daniella puts out clear position statements. That's the only thing I don't see. When I read poss like the above, it reminds me of the Obama "Hope and Change"! He didn't use that when he ran for re election for a reason!

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't pick on Juan, he is a regular reader.

Anonymous said...

Bell is as good as gone push poll or not. Everyone that knows anything in Miami Dade politics knows that Bell is already defeated

Anonymous said...

In case you don't know it either G.O.D. that post of Juan could lose Daniella votes and that is a fact.

Leave partisan politics out of this race can hurt Daniella. Personally I don't give a hoot if this blog likes Republicans or not, but in this case I do because if you do anything to hinder Daniella's success I will be so pissed I will not only “leave Juan alone”, I will leave your partisan blog also with no problem. So stifle your hate for a couple more months out of respect for a woman who we all want elected, party affiliation or not.

If I didn't love and respect Daniella as much as I do, I, as a Republican would be out of here but I am too sensible for that.

Besides, what does anyone gain by hating those of us who are Republicans so much? That is not only stupid but counterproductive and you should realize it.

No wander this county is in the miserable state it is

Anonymous said...

Over the years, sometimes I have voted for Democrats, sometimes for Republicans. Doesn't really matter in this case because it is a NON-partisan race. Let us all stress this when we are reaching out to try to get Daniella elected. She is not perfect (no one is) but she is smart and she is ethical and because of the way she is running her campaign, she is not beholden to any special interests. I spoke to many people in the community, from all different sectors and backgrounds, and they all spoke of Daniella with great respect and admiration. So, she has got my vote and I am sure most everyone else in District will realize what a "no-brainer" this election decision is.....