Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ultra Festival Vote at the City of Miami. By geniusofdespair

Brian May Green Tie
The Ultra Music Festival will be back. Brian May was the lobbyist for Ultra combating Sarnoff. One nay -- Sarnoff. Besides Brian May, who did the presenting,  Lobbyists Armando Gutierrez  and Rodney Barreto were there. Brian has been around since Alex Penelas. Armando has been working as a lobbyist since Julia Tuttle and Rodney started during the invention of the paper bag. I heard Rodney is not registered to lobby on this issue. They all go back a long way as lobbyists.

Armando Gutierrez
Rodney Barreto

And the rich just get richer.


Anonymous said...

Zoning nightmare for the condominium owners across the street who got swindled into buying into a pedestrian friendly neighborhood. This event is never going away as long as the event operator can pay the police overtime rates. As soon as that gravy train ends the event will be banned.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Wonder how much the lobbyists made. At least $10k for an appearance fee.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Rodney back in the game. Missed ya after that US century fiasco that nearly popped everyone in jail, bro.

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff stated the Ultra partners netted $5 mil in 2014. Plenty of cash to spread around. No surprise Sarnoff got no second to his Motion to kill Ultra.

Bambi said...

All that was missing was a rimshot after paper bag, this one cracked me up.

Merriam Webster dates the first known usage of the term bagman as 1765 which
is about a hundred years before the paper bag machine patent.

As for things that come in casings, EOM had another good one this week:

"... the appropriations process, another chance for special interests to put their imprimatur
on the sausage that emerges at the tail pipe of federal legislation."


Anonymous said...

Chaos, disaster, and controversy requiring commission action usually results in a big payday to commissioners for their "wise decisions in the interests of their constituents"

Anonymous said...

Sarnoff insulted Ultra backers and got egg on his face.

Anonymous said...

Ultra - Ultra loud and the money speaks the loudest of all.

Anonymous said...

CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE WITH THE TRUTH ABOUT MARC SARNOFF !! See the FACTS !! Note: each fact has a link backing it up.

Anonymous said...

Marc Sarnoff is the same dude who spent years telling anyone who would listen that he was related to the famous David Sarnoff who founded RCA.