Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pepe Diaz and other depressing things. By Geniusofdespair

This is Lynda Bell's ECO. She has over $100,000 collected. Looks like someone wants to thank Lynda Bell for her vote --Procurement: Contractors, like Safe Wrap, should be outlawed from giving contributions since the guy needed Lynda's vote to get the contract which he did.
No one is running against Pepe Diaz. There is no end to the private funds from corporations that funnel money into campaigns for bad candidates. See what Black Lawmakers are up to...

I was at the courthouse reading a wacky deposition given by one of our elected officials -- and it was very wacky -- and this damn staff woman was sneezing all over everyone and touching all the computer keyboards. Now I am sick and the fucking teapot won't stop whistling. Why write? I can't change squat. I can't even stop the teapot. Too much effort.

"How will the money be spent? They won’t say. They don’t have to.
But records of past years’ fundraising and interviews with caucus leaders indicate that less than 10 cents of every dollar raised actually goes to college scholarships for the students whose names were projected on large screens at the gala." (Using kids, disgusting.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe, if you're like me, getting your frustration out helps keep you sane?

Geniusofdespair said...

Give me a water gun with blue dye in it and tell me how long I will be in jail for squirting the county commission and Mayor.

Denizen of Palmetto Bay said...

No one has declared against Rebecca Sosa or Sally Heyman, either. Monestine has token opposition -- Rolle hasn't raised any money to speak of. Souto has a few opponents, but they won't get far. Lynda Bell will fight hard, but like a lot of incumbents, she'll waste money on consultants who contribute little to the election effort. That $100K is not as valuable as you think. As for Pepe, find someone who lives in Sweetwater and start raising money for them. We got districts so it would be easy for people to run. It just wasn't too easy.

Your friend said...

I am sneezing coughing and wearing a stupid mask. It started when someone's family decided that had to come over even when they were advised not to.

I started cleaning, got the allergies started and now it is in my broncs. I am worried about people who are immune depressed and end up that way.

The cat just kicked over a full cup of tea on the bed and rug.... Right off the table.


I think you would get in more trouble for carrying a squirt gun than Squirting the politicans.

Democritus said...

Democracy is overrated

Better than having Fidel Castro or Stalin but not a panacea.

Think of thehighest office in the land of freedom currently being lead by a third rate attorney but first rate community organizer or his clueless silver spooned predecesor or the sexual deviant that preceded him or the man who spawned the clueless wonder who preceded him or the guy that played second fiddle to a monkey that preceded him or the peanut farmer that relied on his then 12 yearold daughter on matters of nuclear proliferation or Mr Watergate oor whatever his name was.

And what does the future hold? Bush? Clinton? Tony Soprano?

It only gets worse as you go lower on the totem poll.

Anonymous said...

We should have nine (9) County Commissioners, not 13. Further, 4 or 5 should run Countywide, not district specific. That should give us 9 higher quality commissioners and it eliminates the overhead for 4 useless commissioners.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep disclosing how corrupt Bell is! And feel better

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Look, the money speaks for itself: we want county commissioners who represent special interests but are good at demagoging "the people". It doesn't take special skill. Just look at Mariquito. He delivers a perfectly good sound bite, but he just doesn't have the weight when he is asked to go off script. (Maybe Eduardo Padron should be his tutor?) Anyhow, this is all about finding candidates to line up behind 'the man', whoever 'the man' is at the moment of asking. Just look at the groveling before Sheldon Adelson out in las vegas the other day, with the Republicans vying to be the next president. What you see with Lynda Bell is just the most junior version of that. What this money tells me, though, is that the Levine challenge is shaping up to be another exercise in "walking the dog" for the local money bags. Levine can win, but she is going to have to walk, walk and walk the district. God speed!

Anonymous said...

You can't support Levine Cava and then blast others for taking special interest money. As a voter we need to vote for those who don't take the money regardless if you think they are going to lose otherwise. Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Levine can win and will walk and walk and walk in Bell's Homestead. She has a small army to support her efforts as well.

Anonymous said...

I have a personal commitment to do everything possible to spread the word on Mrs. Cava in District 8. The GREAT news she will bring a revitalization and positive view. Mrs. Cava will make an outstanding commissioner for the citizens of District 8.

Anonymous said...

I have a personal commitment to do everything possible to spread the word on Mrs. Cava in District 8. The GREAT news she will bring a revitalization and positive view. Mrs. Cava will make an outstanding commissioner for the citizens of District 8.