Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Most Dysfunctional City, Homestead, is in the Top Ten! By Geniusofdespair

After studying more than 200 small cities, Movoto concluded that Wilmington, DE is the most dangerous in terms of crime. It’s joined in this dubious honor by nine other places to comprise our 10 most dangerous small cities in America:

1. Wilmington, DE
2. Canton, OH
3. Jackson, TN
4. Rocky Mount, NC
5. North Little Rock, AR
6. Pensacola, FL
7. Daytona Beach, FL
8. Homestead, FL
9. Lauderhill, FL
10. Warner Robins, GA

Florida accounted for the single largest share of cities in the top 10, with four.

In the top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the US (no size) Homestead makes 18!

"a city of almost 63,000 located south of Miami, FL—was fortunately much safer in terms of murder. It was third most dangerous overall for violent crimes, at a rate of 1,450 per 100,000 residents in 2012. For murder, it placed 45th, at six per 100,000 that year."

The District 8 commissioner better be focusing on crime.


Anonymous said...

And your little darling Judy was boo hoo-ing about it a few weeks ago in the South Dade News Leader.
She can spin it however she wants but the facts and reality speak for themselves. Thank you Wayne Rosen for helping us build the mega slum of the future.

Anonymous said...

The City Council is advertising that the Section 8 Mecca wants a new police station and Seminole Theater completed for cultural arts.
This is a $30 million tax raise rewarding cops for their failed efforts and the city council for the lack of accountability of the already spent millions poured down the Seminole Theater toilet.

Crime is clearly out of control, books are being cooked, rogue cops beating up citizens, just read LEO Affairs for a true flavor of the HPD.
The reason for the bonds is said to be Radon, so guess where the new Police Station will be built? On top of an adjacent lot next to the alleged Radon contaminated current HPD which is next to the Seminole Theater which has not been checked for Radon.
When you talk about morons you have to include Homestead's administration.
In their wisdom the thought to move the HPD out of the contaminated zone never came up. Yup, these are some forward thinkin' rubes in Homestead.
In other news Homestead will be trying to unseat Wilmington, Delaware next year, the number 8 ranking has some upset, if Homestead were number one they could have a parade and food trucks on Krome as Scarface is re-inacted in real time at Losner Park.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell has been in office for 8 years as Mayor and Commissioner of Homestead. What has she done to help.

Malagodi said...

Florida gets 4 out of 10, and South Florida gets half of those.

Pretty good!

Geniusofdespair said...

We are the best!

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell IS a crime.

Anonymous said...

The police need somewhere safe to work and conduct their affairs both personal and criminal related. There are other alternatives than a Taj Mahal.
This spendthrift administration is already taxing people to death through Homestead Energy and if you have FPL you benefit. Right Jeff and Judy? Even if you don't live in Homestead but have Homestead Energy you pay for police despite having Miami Dade County PD. Millions are being transferred to the general fund from the utility which makes the utility another taxing agency.
Instead of equality in Homestead there is a triple standard, this is why the PBA, FOP and IBEW worked hard for Porter. They knew this issue was too big for him to properly handle.
On the issue of crime, Homestead has a gang unit and they are everywhere even inside supposedly safe communities like Waterstone and Keys Gate.
Homestead also likes to push the issue of addresses so as not to reflect the activity occurs within the city limits. Gaming the system. Maybe HPD should get out of the way and go seek the county law enforcement resources.

Everyone should vote no on the bond issues. Let's see other options. Do not believe anything that government says. It is obscene to even put the Seminole Theatre on any funding request.

miaexile said...

bbbbut..i thought all those gd ugly chain link fences would stop all that crime

Anonymous said...

The Homestead Police Department and Seminole Theater issue will pass because the king of absentee ballot gathering is Tim Milton. He has been hired to get AB votes.
I hope someone is watching Mr. Milton.

Anonymous said...

Homestead is a community full of transient illegals. It has gangs and plenty of foreclosures. It is a miracle that anyone pays property taxes to hire police.

When Mayor Alvarez sent the order out to the MDPD that dade county is a safe haven it did not help the homestead situation.

Lived in a gated homestead gated community said...

One community in Keys Gate has had 3 people arrested in 2 days in the same week for break ins. Residents have to be scanned to get in or beg for mercy and the bad guys just walk in. I couldn't even get in using the deed to my house.

This same community uses bright red scan stickers for renters (mostly section 8?) and black ones for residents. I think that stinks.

Last year, one other community was getting hit constantly by break-ins and thefts, it turns out that one group of bad guys were climbing over their fences on the northwest side and another gang of bad guys were simply walking in through backyards on a canal bank. The community problem was "fixed" with a holey hedge. Seriously? Rumor has it that it was the Keys Gate sub contractors doing the second group break-ins.

Maybe they ought to stop using code enforcement to enforce for the homeowners associations and put more cops on the street.

Anonymous said...

The HOAs at minimum are way behind in collections according to all reports. This is in part due to the number of renters/section 8.
Between the lack of cops on the street, poor neighborhood security and the system being infiltrated by ne'er do wells Homestead has no chance. The once idyllic panorama has been replaced with crime riddled streets. Then we have the council in hysterics screaming the sky is not falling when it lays all around them. The non-existent planning during the building boom lies at the feet of the Homestead City Council from 2001-2008. Now eminent domain is being utilized to finally attempt to have roads meet the disastrous traffic patterns. Talk about dysfunctional, this Homestead situation is a textbook case unto itself. The chief cheerleader of Homestead sells real estate and sits on the council so of course she questions the validity of independent crime assessments as it has a direct financial impact on her personally. Now the police are being ordered to make the numbers more favorable. Homestead's new slogan "the numbers aren't what they were."

Anonymous said...

Mayor Porter was just elected...a mere six months ago. Does anyone really believe he or anyone else can clean up the mess that is Homestead in that short time? Do you expect miracles?

How do you expect him to clean up in six month what took 10 years or more to create?

He was given a financial disaster when he took over...the money was gone, the Council meets in a shopping center and all of you naysayers can only criticize?

What would you have us do? Leave the police to suffer in that miserable place they operate in now? I have been in that building and it is dismal.

And why don’t you think we in Homestead have a right to a cultural center? And by the way, I have not heard one person mention the jobs the building of these structures will bring. And what about the retail space that will be created in the cultural center? Do you even know anything about that?

You all want perfection but never raise a finger to help. There is never encouragement, no, that is not in your psyche. All you do to everyone is pounce like a rabid dog.

Finding fault is always your mantra. It is your way of life. It is what you enjoy doing.

Yes, Homestead has problems, but God have mercy!!! Give the man a chance to get his ideas working before you begin with the never-ending criticism.

I live in Homestead, voted for Mayor Porter and am more than satisfied that he will bring us out of this mess created by others. But to do it overnight? Get real. I am not so stupid to believe anyone can achieve order in Homestead in six months.

I am a known fiscal conservative and am going to vote for the bonds. I have done the research and know this is the only way for us to put a new face on Homestead and we damn sure need it. We will get there so why don’t you watch us do the work before you bring the hammer down and pound, pound, pound it ad nauseam?

Most of you don’t even vote so, give it a rest and give the man a chance. Take your bitterness elsewhere because one thing Homestead does not need is people like you who spend their time steeping in negativity and commenting on things you know nothing about.

Better yet, get a life!

Anonymous said...

Porter created the mess by approving every single development project that came before him while a councilman for ten years.
The blame and his share is at least 20% of it lies on his front door step.
The city hall contamination was known about in the 90's what did he do about that? The truth hurts doesn't it?