Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Couples, Married or not. By Geniusofdespair

 Living with another person has responsibilities and trials and tribulations.

Do you ever jump on your significant other in the middle of the night because the ceiling is caving in and you want to protect him or her? What about putting your hand under their nose to see if they are breathing, waking them up with a start?  Is the most popular word in your house "What?"  Do you make believe you like what your spouse cooked to prevent a fight? Do you look at an injured body part and give sympathy when you don't really mean it because you are focused on something else? Do you say they look good when they have a pink roller left in the back of their hair.


Anything you do that you care to share?


Anonymous said...

You don't even have to be married to make someone nuts.

Although, I will admit to claiming OUR children as MY children when I would get pissed that my spouse would not do something with us. It was hurtful since he loved them so very much and I never realized how mean it sounded until it was too late. They are very much his children, I see it in everything they do and in who they become.

Anonymous said...

She never looks fat.

Anonymous said...

Guilty of the hand under the nose.

Anonymous said...

I always watch for Chest movement or the snore

Mindy Dickman said...

Replying yes when asked if my husband's legs look pumped after his workout;)