Friday, April 25, 2014

Mark Bell's New Company. By Geniusofdespair

Mark Bell is up and running after losing the Homestead Mayor's race.

On March 31st, Mark Bell registered the AMP Social Media, LLC Company.  He is manager with Carol E. Lent and John D. Lent.  It is a Social Media and Marketing Firm that I am sure an assistant plummer has a lot of experience with. They say on Facebook:

The Internet is already a powerful channel for commerce and communication. It will become an even more important revenue generator in the years ahead.

- According to an NBC study on social media that was released today
(here's the link:

With that stated, is YOUR BUSINESS READY TO allow the SOCIAL MEDIA to reach new markets for your business?

Carol Lent is an assistant at The God of Moses Entertainment. They say:

We are a South Florida Film and Video Production company serving the Christian Film and TV Production Industry worldwide. We have over 28 years of Film and Television Production and Distribution experience and we have been motivating, uniting, equipping and training Christian Filmmakers from around the world since 1998 through

I hope the company prospers, not so Lynda Bell wins her reelection but so she will get out of politics and get more involved in the Christian stuff she loves.


Cato II said...

Now watch the campaign reports to see how much Lynda's campaign or her ECO pay AMP Social Media LLC to provide Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, and other forms of communications. The only problem is that the likely voters in the District 8 race will skew older. Most will only know Facebook as a way to share pictures of their grandkids with their old high school friends. Those voters don't tweet, they don't belong to Google circles, and they don't chat. But it's a way for Mark to make some cash to pay back John DuBois on the loan he gave Bell to buy the motel in Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right because she's a great example of a good Christian! NOT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, it looks like a plumber built the page:

terrible logo and content. I actually work in a similar field and would run if I saw anyone with this page coming.

Anonymous said...

Does Mark know how to turn on a computer?

someone from the church said...

To be honest, I can not imagine Mark or Lynda running a business, not to mention a social media company. I have been around both of them in Homestead socially and in church. What they are good at is talking and talking. Not that they make sense, but they are fearless when it comes to opening their mouths.

There has to be something else they are doing for this company, but neither one of them are going to be answering phones or doing any coding. Maybe they know how to post on facebook and blogs, and they are going to do that. Or maybe they will be selling services?

Anonymous said...

Will Lynda have to list this company on her financial filings? Since John Dubois is a computer guy maybe he is a silent partner or something.

Anonymous said...

needs something to do after she loses the election.

Anonymous said...

GO Daniella!

Anonymous said...

Homestead residents need to organize and keep up with city politics, Almost all are not the political type. Hopefully now that there's a lot of new residents from other parts, that are hopefully more conscious the playing feild will change soon.