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Is FPL Launching Their First Candidate in a Local South Dade Race: Peter England? By Geniusofdespair

Former Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Director of Florida Power and Light, Peter England has registered as a candidate for Mayor of Palmetto Bay.

Note to FPL: Stay out of politics down here.  We are hating your lobbying and I personally am hating your meddling. According to Miami Herald's Fred Grimm:
The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas reported that the state’s three largest electric power providers have already invested more than $3 million in campaign contributions in this election cycle. Florida Power & Light fed the piggies $2.5 million, while TECO Energy and Duke Energy slopped the political trough with $754,000 and $390,000 respectively.

Wasn't there some problem with Ty Hart and Peter England at Camillus House?  A campaign contribution scandal?

I am just happy I don't live in Palmetto Bay.


Anonymous said...

Peter England is an eternal losing candidate. He ran against Katy Sorensen. Didn't he run for commission in Palmetto Bay too? I don't have time to look it up but this looks like it's part of the DuBois game.

Glad I don't live in Palmetto Bay either! Their politics are getting nastier then the last South Miami election.

Anonymous said...

Palmetto Bay is a wonderful place to live. The only drawback is the 7 or 8 punks who live to destroy the Village. they need to get a life.
Peter England needs to give up. How many times does he want to be beaten by a woman.

Anonymous said...

New Times 2005 Article about England and Ty Hart

Anonymous said...

FPL is trying to take over the politics for what? what do they want next? Raise the electric rates? More intrusion in the neighborhoods with power lines? or just takeover for the heck of it. If they are working on Turkey Point then they want no negative response from the affected communities who have the warning signals in their backyards.

Anonymous said...

I read the articles. Graft and Corruption again. England I'm told still wants a CRA in Palmetto Bay. He's part of the Committee working on the revitalization of US1. Last election that was his big platform. He's still trying for it with the US1 committee this year. I hope everyone realizes how CRA's relate to graft, corruption and municipal bankruptcies. As Hollywood, FL and some other cities. California outlawed them last year I believe.

FPL is trying to ruin more communities again.

Anonymous said...

Peter England: Palmetto Bay mayoral candidate accused of wrongdoing at Camillus House
A A AComments (0) By Francisco Alvarado Thursday, Nov 11 2010

p>The Village of Palmetto Bay's new mayor could have been at the center of one of the biggest scandals to rock Miami's most recognizable homeless charity, Camillus House. Peter England, who faces Shelley Stanczyk in a November 16 runoff, was Camillus's government relations director in 2004 when a former employee sued the agency for wrongful termination and accused England of violating state campaign finance laws.

Camillus House settled with Ty Hart, the agency's former development director, for an undisclosed amount, but in his federal complaint, Hart claimed England pressured co-workers to make political contributions to local candidates who were subsequently reimbursed by the agency. State law prohibits employers from laundering campaign donations through employees.

England, who no longer works at Camillus, was never charged with a crime, but Hart still insists his ex-colleague was constantly pushing charity personnel to give money to local campaigns. "That was England's standard operating procedure," Hart says. "I didn't want to go along with that. It only took me two weeks to figure out things were crooked."

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Reached on his cell phone November 7, England, who at candidate forums has emphatically denied the accusations, said he was too busy to answer questions, adding, "I'll see if I can get back to you."

Hart accused England of trying to coerce him into making illegal campaign contributions on six occasions. Hart also claimed he knew other employees who were reimbursed for contributing. "I refused to do it because I believe stealing from the homeless and the poor is a sin," he says.

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Peter said...

Ah, FPL, they are so good to us and now want to control us. I am glad too.

Anonymous said...

FPL is a bully. It is a monopoly yet FPL's CEO makes something like $15 Mil per year. Customers have an Average Median Income of $30,000 and that douche makes $15 Mil?

Anonymous said...

The palmetto bay folks could always pick Fiore for Mayor. Where's the link to his dirty laundry from Kendall. He made money off of his stint as the appointment to the Kendall Community Council by lying about his connection to Lennar and voting on their applications. And the wheels go round and round.

Anonymous said...

Palmetto Bay has a Vice Mayor who is now again in the press and shares the same gene pool of the ethically challenged. Read the Herald Article about John Dubois' fines for cutting his mangroves in the Sunday paper.
Judge orders vice mayor to pay for assessment of environmental damage By Lola Duffort The Miami Herald
A Miami-Dade circuit judge has ordered Palmetto Bay’s vice mayor to hire environmental consultants to assess the extent of the damage he caused to the mangroves and wetlands on and bordering his bay front property.
Judge Sarah Zabel’s March 18 order is the latest development in a lawsuit that Miami-Dade County filed against John DuBois in September 2012, accusing him of illegally trimming mangrove trees and filling wetlands on the nearly $3 million, eight-acre property he purchased in 2000.
DuBois has filed formal notice of his intent to appeal. He did not respond to requests for interviews left via e-mail, text message and voicemail, but has previously maintained his innocence – publicly and throughout court proceedings – alleging that the environmental agency’s actions are part of a calculated political campaign to discredit him.
In March 2013, DuBois sued John Ricisak – the county environmental officer who first issued the citation – alongside some Palmetto Bay residents for allegedly conspiring to smear him during his vice mayoral campaign. DuBois alleges Ricisak lied on the citation, and invaded his privacy to inspect his property.

The county first ordered DuBois to stop trimming in November 2010. When a subsequent inspection in December by Department of Environmental Resources & Management staff (now the Regulatory and Economic Resources Department) revealed further violations, a citation was issued the following month. DuBois paid the $250 fine in March 2011, but made no moves to replant.
In August 2011, the county sent a letter ordering DuBois to cease any landscaping work in tidal waters or wetlands and to work with the county to mitigate the damage. The county says DuBois never adequately responded to their complaints, and in September of 2012, it finally sued.
According an Environmental Quality Control Board ruling, aerial photographs showed a roughly 5,270-square-foot mangrove canopy had been replaced with palm trees and sod. The EQCB proceedings did not determine the full extent of the damage done.

“Typically people don’t fight us in a situation like this,” said Assistant County Attorney Tom Robertson, adding that DuBois had already filed a notice of appeal for the March 18 decision. “There’s no question that the violation exists. Most people say, ‘oh, let me correct it.’ Whether it was accidental or intentional, usually when you catch people, they fix things.”
Between administrative and legal costs, the ordeal has already cost the county somewhere in the vicinity of $50,000, according to Robertson. But he says DuBois stands to lose much more.
County rules allow for civil penalties of up to $25,000 per day per violation, Robertson said. Given the number of infractions, and how long this has dragged on, Robertson says that DuBois could be facing millions of dollars in fines.

Robertson says the county won’t try and collect in full – if DuBois agrees to resolve this with them before it goes to trial. Once it’s been determined that the violation occurred, the county wants to move on as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage.

“The purpose of having a penalty provision like that is frankly to coerce people to comply,” Robertson said. “And so if a person complies very quickly, you don’t want to penalize them. If a person fights you, the longer they fight you, the more you want the penalties so that other people looking at it will say, ‘oh, I really shouldn’t fight them, I should fix the problem.’ ”

Read more here:

David Singer said...

Wow you guys are tough.

Bud said...

Peter has a political machine set up in Palmetto Bay. He has finally reached the point where he has gotten the tea party folks, the chamber folks, social clubs and those BLESSED Palmer Trinity folks all on the same page.

PE has got money stashed and he is gonna let loose very shortly with a mega campaign. Who ever runs against him better know and understand that there will be double "agents" all over the joint - many people will fake friendship just to get information to give it up to the political machine that England has set up. Look for the political fundraisers within the republican party and people like Bobbie Brown and Dubois to control the England campaign. This is certainly a run for the money and developmental growth.

Palmetto Bay voters who want to believe in England, better consider his agenda and his playmates. You may not like the other candidates (Fiore is the exception), BUT you better consider what you are getting in the whole package if PE wins.

He is no saint and does know how to make deals with the devils. Sooner or later if you throw enough shit at a wall it sticks --- this may be one of those times. Voters beware.

By the way, I live outside the boundaries of the city. Just outside or I would be much more vocal.

Anonymous said...

Dig deep and you''ll find connections to Dubois and Lynda Bell consultant Jose Luis Castillo. CRA money is the driver here with Palmer Trinity just a convenient red herring. Their focus will be coordinated absentee ballot operations with Republican ties. The big question: do they include Fiore or do they think he's a too volatile wildcard? Expect Castillo to put another woman or two in the race to dilute the female vote.