Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CLEO Climate Change Briefing attracts crowd of hundreds (Miami Herald fails to report) … by gimleteye

It is a mystery why The Miami Herald failed to report an important community event like this … The following from the sponsors of the recent climate change workshop:

"Thank you for supporting Friday's CLEO Climate Science Briefing Panel & Climate Action Rally. We are especially grateful to those of you who participated, contributed, attended and/or sent people to join us. It was an EXCELLENT event - by any standard. Our honored guest, U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), addressed the crowd of about 200 and got excellent perspective on the depth and breadth of South Florida’s support for climate resilience.

The two-part event took place at Pinecrest Gardens' Banyan Bowl from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Senator Whitehouse served as the moderator for the one-hour climate science briefing & panel and as our featured speaker at the rally. Briefing panel experts included Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner (Village of Pinecrest), Climate Scietists- Dr Harold Wanless and Dr Ben Kirtman, and Health specialist, Dr MaryBeth Gidley.

As part of the rally, representatives from local and regional groups shared statements summarizing their commitment to climate action. And rally attendees and spokespersons were out in full force!

They included several mayors and council members from Pinecrest, South Miami, Surfside, Miami Shores, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay and The Seminole Tribe.

Additionally, there were representatives from: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office; FIU, UM and FAU; Miami-Dade and Broward County staff; businesses and chambers of commerce; Youth and student government groups; and dozens of civic and environmental groups who join CLEO in demanding a climate-ready future.

These included: 350.org; Sierra Club, Miami; Sierra Club, Calusa; Citizens Climate Lobby; League of Women Voters, Miami; Urban Paradise Guild; ECOMB; Dream In Green; Tropical Audubon Society; Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; Organizing for Action, Miami; In-Harmony Institute, Union of Concerned Scientists, World Resources Institute; and, the CLEO Institute whose statement read: We are committed to providing opportunities to bridge the divide between scientists and every nook and cranny of society on this urgent issue. CLEO stands for Climate Leadership and Engagement Opportunities.

Senator Whitehouse invigorated the crowd with his message of hope and his determination to have us all help WAKE UP CONGRESS to take action on climate change. The Senator also praised the scope of climate engagement by our diverse community in South Florida, and left, as we did, with a clear feeling that our numbers are growing and our voices are getting louder.

Thank you for your part in all of this. We are appreciative of your tremendous support."


Anonymous said...

eXXXotica Expo gets noticed in the Herald but not a public event on climate change. Says everything.

Anonymous said...

I missed Exxxotica?

Anonymous said...

Herald makes money from advertisers. Many real estate and tourist venues don't want to hear about flooding. Once property tax revenue declines from Miami Beach the county is cooked.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe when the senate's resident lefty treehugger speaks at an election year feel good "action rally" for a choir of liberal democratics the outcome is too predictable. (even Wasserman-Shultz only sent a rep)

not that it's bad to rally the troops, just wasn't a slow enough news day to get ink in the Herald.

and since when is Cindy Lender a "climate expert" ?

Actually I think her seat at the table had less to do with climate and more about trying to show off her ill conceived agenda to set the garden up as a high end restaurant/ conference venue.


Anonymous said...

REALLY? REALLY? If you are going to criticize someone, at least get their name right. It's Pinecrest Mayor Cindy LERNER. Then, educate yourself. Mayor Lerner is on the environmental subcommittee of the National League of Cities and President of the Miami-Dade League of Cities. She has become a champion of sustainability and climate resilience.
Please find a safer toy to use than your computer. And do us all a favor and don't vote!!

HBernstein said...

Really, what is the fascination with the Herald, other than observing the symptoms of a wasting disease?

Who cares whether they pay attention to anything?

Anonymous said...

Julio Robaina and wife found NOT GUILTY of all charges by a jury of his peers. That settles that. Now, I hope he runs for Mayor to get rid of the clown who now holds the seat.

Anonymous said...

yes REALLY REALLY ... Cindy, your seat at the table is POLITICAL.. Unfortunately political committees and chairmanship are about party affiliations, fundraising , seniority and loyalty. In short everything BUT education. (BTW US House member John Shimkus discounts human induce climate change and he is the house environmental committee CHAIR, Does that make him smarter environmentalist because his chair outranks yours?

I ripped the progressive left of your party, marginalized your conference and criticized your agenda and all you're worried about is I spelled your name wrong?

Ok LERNER, I believe you have a budget hearing tonight, get off the computer and get to work selling that quarter mil restaurant nobody wants.


Anonymous said...

It is important that the process has begun and many different stakeholder groups were there. The intense weather the country is experiencing is causing many people to rethink things. Today the panhandle was flooded and people were going on their roofs like in Katrina. They said they had never seen anything like it in their lifetime there. People think we will become a part of the Atlantic ocean slowly, but it may happen quickly. Well, maybe people in the panhandle came on board today.

Anonymous said...

The Herald has to write stories that they think people will read because they rely on advertising.
If only 200 people were actually at the meeting, there may be only a small fraction of people who would want to read about it.
The reporter cost doesn't justify it.
Then again, maybe nobody's reading the Herald because they're not covering the right stories.

If they wrote this story and tagged it with a headline like:
"The Heat is winning, Hurricanes winning, Panthers losing" which is an accurate assessment, maybe it would have people at least start the article.